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1) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Tablet computers and the future of Distributed Computing. (Message 75084)
Posted 17 Feb 2013 by Profile Dragokatzov
I think it will be quite some time before desktops and laptops will be considered dead. Can you really imagine people going to work, and working on tablets? Drafting CAD designs on a tablet? Writing code or designing a database on a tablet? But I can see a good chunk of the general population transitioning to a tablet. I use to work in technical support for an ISP and there were a few people who said that their PC hadn't been on in months, and they rely solely on a tablet. So it is happening. My girlfriend's laptop has been sitting under her coffee table for about 6 months, and she just uses her iPad.
You are going yo have your hold outs. I think I am likely going to be one. You will also have enthusiasts, programmers, designers, DBA's, among other disciplines who will still have a use for the traditional desktop/workstation/laptop format for years to come.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : We're sorry, but SETI can't take your call right now (Message 70178)
Posted 30 Apr 2011 by Profile Dragokatzov
SETI is running out of funds - I guess this will be good news for the rest of the BOINC community!?!:

I'm assuming it won't negatively affect the BOINC platform's development...

good news? how can this possibly in any which way be good news? its terrible news! The whole reason why Boinc is even here in the first place is because of SETI

However, if you are hoping homeless SETI@home crunchers will start using rosetta, think again
the SETI@home community is tight. The community will keep it afloat as they have in the past
3) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU use ?? (Message 69696)
Posted 23 Feb 2011 by Profile Dragokatzov
tesla and quadro do have lots of ram. but they are also very pricy. however, they are very powerful beasts, and would provide a lot more flops. perhaps looking into a different area of research, and creating a new app for that requiring less ram...
4) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU use... again (Message 69695)
Posted 23 Feb 2011 by Profile Dragokatzov
asides from the few negative comments here and the one person who felt it was crucial to this thread to point out my video card sucks when I already know it sucks, this thread has turned out more interesting then I thought.

yes, i know my radeon 5450 sucks. thank you very much for pointing that out. this has nothing to do with the issue i brought up

why make a gpu client? why not? why put a man on the moon? why climb mount everest? why not... you get the picture. yes i admit, it is a big undertaking at the current time, but heck, so was the moon landing. do you folks see my point?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU use... again (Message 69683)
Posted 21 Feb 2011 by Profile Dragokatzov
I know there are many, many threads on this subject. And to many of us here (well, at least some), its a dream. as i understand it, to make Rosetta work would require a lot of reprogramming, and even then, it can't fit the whole database into the ram that most GPU's have available. this is the issue, how can it be overcome.

Swapping is pointless.

My soldering are not good enough to get my Radeon 5450 up to 2 gigs of ram (haha), and i don't think anyone else here would be willing to give it a shot.

so that leaves us with buying a GPU with 2GB+ of ram ($$$),re working the Rosetta application, or saying "Hello!" to GPUgrid. While GPUgrid is a great project, and I have great respect for their efforts, there are still a lot of loyal Rosetta users out there...

I looked on Tiger Direct, and they did have a few GPUs that would fit the bill, having 2GB, 4GB, and 6GB of ram. They are pretty pricey, but if you look at the cash other people dumb into their crunching rigs, and farms, that objection might not be so big.

So again, redesigning Rosetta, or apocalyptic bank robbing.

My question to the Rosetta @home team, besides re working Rosetta, is there anything else that would be holding you back from creating a GPU client?

I remember back in the says of SETI Classic. we all thought wouldn't it be cool to use the GPU to compute as well with the state-of-the-art AMD Athlon 1700+ and the Pentium 4 2.5Ghz cpu's were running. At that time I don't think we even really knew just how powerful the GPU was. Now SETI has over 730TeraFlops and Folding @home, 6.2Petaflops... Why can't Rosetta have that same kind of power?
6) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Psoriasis (Message 69475)
Posted 23 Jan 2011 by Profile Dragokatzov
There is a huge percentage of the population that suffers from psoriasis.

I wonder if Rosetta could be used in researching a cure or treatments?

The best way to treat it now is with the right nutrition. you would be surprised how many things a proper diet can fix
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Bloomfield worth the wate? (Message 50787)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Profile Dragokatzov
Would you say it is? I am in need of a new PC, and a quad-core with hyperthreading seems very appealing? what do you folks think?
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Time for a new PC (Message 46210)
Posted 14 Sep 2007 by Profile Dragokatzov
I am not going to buy a dell... I am going to build a desktop myself, so i can upgrade it later if i wish. The reason why i am considering 4 gigs of ram is so the i could play a game without turning off boinc

also, what about dual xeon setups, 2 quad core cpu's. where would you folks suggest i but one. is it worth the extra cash to get 2 2.66 xeon chips, or do you think the 1.86 xeons are the best bang for the buck
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Time for a new PC (Message 46121)
Posted 13 Sep 2007 by Profile Dragokatzov
My P4 640 isn't as fast when i baught it two years ago, so, i am going to make a new computer here soon... but i am not sure what to build... I am probably going to go with 4 gigs of ram (i like to game too) but i am at a stand still on what CPU(s) i should get. I was thinking about the Q6600 (4 cores to do more work) or the E6850. But i don;t want to spend an arm and a leg on this thing, but i want to be able to do a lot of work, what do you guys think?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta not wanting to crunch on my Linux Box (Message 38142)
Posted 22 Mar 2007 by Profile Dragokatzov
hey i tried it and it works like a charm! thanks a lot!
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta not wanting to crunch on my Linux Box (Message 37913)
Posted 17 Mar 2007 by Profile Dragokatzov
And its not the first time I have had this problem either... I am running Ubuntu 6.06 and Rosetta worked for 1 or 2 days, then decided to be a pain in my but and not work. its been stuck on "waiting to run" or a long time. I also have WCG running on this computer as well, and it runs well, sometimes i only have this one Rosetta work unit "waiting to run" and no WCG WU's. on this system i have an Athlon XP 1700+, and 512 megs og ram, so it s not like theres not enough system resources avaliable. anyone have any ideas?
12) Message boards : Number crunching : l2 cache (Message 19170)
Posted 23 Jun 2006 by Profile Dragokatzov
I am woundering, how important is L2 cache in Rosetta?
13) Message boards : Number crunching : not sending workunits to multiple users (Message 17681)
Posted 5 Jun 2006 by Profile Dragokatzov
I am confused by this. why is rosetta not sending out the same workunit to 3 or 4 people to make sure its crunched?
14) Message boards : Number crunching : My AMD Duron 1.3 with 256 megs of ram (Message 16320)
Posted 15 May 2006 by Profile Dragokatzov
I am currently running Ubuntu 5.10 on this along with Rosetta @home. I was thinking since where this is an older computer, maybe Ubuntu is sucking up more resources and maybe i should consider a lighter distribution, that will run from the hard drive. any suggestions? or should i just keep Ubuntu
15) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Users of the day (Message 9559)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Profile Dragokatzov
I am not really sure if this is the right area i should be posting this.

I am kinda ticked off at the selection of the Users of the day. todays UOD had NO information in it. Atleast pick someone with something to say, anyone elce feel this way?
16) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Idea for a new BOINC project (Message 8597)
Posted 8 Jan 2006 by Profile Dragokatzov
i posted this on the P@H forum, but the forum seems kinda lifeless, so I am posting it here.

I got the idea from translator@home. Its along the same lines, but instead of translating just any old book into another language, why not create one just for medical journals/papers/essays etc.
I think this would lead to advancements in the medical field. If we could start a project like this, and have the items we translate be free for anyone to look at, the possibilities could be endless
17) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC over a cluster (Message 7731)
Posted 27 Dec 2005 by Profile Dragokatzov
I see over at the Folding@home forums theres a sticky with LOTS of information on setting up a diskless stack. I was woundering would it be possible to rin BOINC with Rosetta on one of these? how many cpu's does BOINC support anyways? thanks for your information!
18) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Suggestion: Include diabetes in disease related research. (Message 7640)
Posted 26 Dec 2005 by Profile Dragokatzov
I think Rosetta should turn its aim at diabetes too. more and more people are suffering from it. I have a chance of getting it; my grandmother died of it. My girlfriend and her father suffers from it too. and its also one of the reason why i am so interested in it.

19) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Looking for a team? (Message 6822)
Posted 20 Dec 2005 by Profile Dragokatzov
Look no further! Your search is over. Check out the Commonwealth. We are an internetional team open to anyone in the world. come one, come all! check us out!

And our homepage

hope to see you there!
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Dual Xeons (Message 6821)
Posted 20 Dec 2005 by Profile Dragokatzov
I see some Dual Xeons with hyperthreading going cheap on ebay. One of them that I am interested in only has 512 megs of ram. for ram, ot has RAMBUS 800-45 ECC,
I would like to add more, but its going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. do you think it would be ok to run 4 instances of Rosetta with only 512 megs of ram? Thanks!

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