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Message 81596 - Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 16:02:21 UTC

I searched the board and could not find anything that could help me. For about four days now, I have received nothing from Rosetta.
I even disconnected from the project and reconnected in hopes that this would allow a download.
I have more than ample space on my disc for downloads to occur.
My cache has been cleared.
I had noticed that last week and up to the last work done that it was running a day behind (due date.) This was not my computer's fault, the work was downloading that way. I had even suspended the other projects to give full space to Rosetta.
I am running Windows 7.
I have allocated 1.6 GB for Rosetta.
My other three projects are: SETI, World Community and Asteroids.
Any help in getting new work downloaded would be greatly appreciated.
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Message 81598 - Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 21:50:05 UTC

R@h has had no shortage of work over that period. How are your resource shares allocated across your projects? What messages do you see in the event log when doing an update on Rosetta?
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Joined: 3 Dec 16
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Message 81599 - Posted: 15 Jun 2017, 22:18:48 UTC

Hi Thank you for getting back to me. About an hour after posting my message, I received new work.

The resource sharing is very good.
Rosetta: 1.63 GB
Seti@Home: 17.11 MB
World Community Grid: 145.05 MB
Asteroids@home: 981.57 KB

As you can see, I have ample room to accommodate Rosetta.

BOINC is using 1.79 G.B.

BOINC has 98.21 GB allotted to it.

My other programs use: 74.28 GB

Total disc space: 1 TB

When I have tried to communicate it just reads: Communication deferred for however number of minutes. Once it timed out, it went nowhere. I would try again a bit later and the same thing would happen.

As I said, shortly after posting my message to you, a download did occur on my computer.

Thank you for your time in this matter. It appears that I am now good to go.
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Message 81600 - Posted: 16 Jun 2017, 5:59:57 UTC - in response to Message 81598.  
Last modified: 16 Jun 2017, 6:08:28 UTC

How are your resource shares allocated across your projects?

Lynne, this question doesn't relate to disk space, but to the "Resource Share" numbers in BOINC Manager - the default is "100" for a new project, but you can set them to whatever you like (within reason). If you want, for example, to run 50% Rosetta, 30% Seti, 10% WCG, and 10% Asteroids, you could set these numbers (in each project's preferences page) to 50, 30, 10, and 10. (Or 500, 300, 100, 100, etc. - it's the ratio that matters.) I'm running 20+ projects with resource shares from 1000 down to 1, but I use a spreadsheet to figure out what the shares should be (since some of my hosts can't run some projects). With four projects and one PC, the percentage-guess approach should work fine. (Um. Unless you have a GPU, in which case SETI and Asteroids will run there as well as on the CPU and get more credits than you expect, so if you're trying to equalize credits, you may have to drop those a notch.)

BOINC will run each project APPROXIMATELY enough to match the resource shares you have set. It will not do so all at once - it may run SETI for a day or two, then Asteroids, with a WCG thrown in the middle, then finally get back around to Rosetta and run nothing but it for a while. All depends on work availability from project, accuracy of estimates of how fast a task can complete on your computer, deadline pressures, if some projects are running GPU tasks and others only CPU, and phase of the moon...

Suspending and unsuspending projects can really confuse things (NOT recommended for debugging, only when you decide not to run a project for a few weeks!) in the scheduler's tiny (very tiny) brain. The situation gets more complex when you start setting the BOINC preferences to anything higher than "store at least 1 days work" or "store up to 1 days additional work" (which is there mainly for people with intermittent internet access, or who run "unstable" projects that go down a lot - none of yours fit that criteria - so please don't mess with that without need).

The "event log" the moderator mentioned is accessed from the BOINC Manager Menu - it gives much more detailed info than is given in the "Projects" tab, which just says "deferred x minutes". For example, it may be saying "Not requesting tasks - not highest priority project", which means the scheduler is trying to run SETI right now or something. Or it may say "Requested tasks for CPU - got zero tasks, project has no work", which means, well, what it says...

BOINC is extremely "flexible" (just look around the boards for instructions on editing your own XML files and such...) which unfortunately means it is extremely complex to fully understand. Luckily, most people don't NEED to understand very much of it. I've been doing this for a while (Rosetta since 2005...) and I learn something new constantly if I'm not careful. Patience is definitely a virtue - sometimes when new to BOINC, we see something (like not getting any work) and get concerned, but in a few hours (or days) it all works out. It is designed to be "set up and forget" - the more you play with settings, the LESS likely you are to get what you want, unless you do a lot of research first. Those options are there because the heaviest BOINC users demand them, not because the average user will ever need them. Best bet if in doubt is often to wait a week and just make sure your credits are going up in all projects... maybe tweak a resource share here or there. Sounds like it's "fixed" itself now on your machine. If not, we're all here to help on these boards! :-)

EDIT: Just looked at your host and tasks; you MAY want to go to Rosetta Project Preferences and reduce the "Target CPU run time" - I use 4 hours - which will get you more tasks that run shorter times each. All your other projects have reasonably short tasks, and having Rosetta running one task for almost 24 hours will definitely cause the scheduler to ignore Rosetta for a while to give the others time to catch up!
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