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Message 34833 - Posted: 15 Jan 2007, 15:07:01 UTC

I have a couple of ideas for the message board here, but I'm not sure if I'm in the right place for it here, or where to send it.

Basically, I feel like as if the message board puts more "personality" behind Rosetta@home. It sort of puts a "closely-knit" community behind the scene.

Anyhow, the idea is this: Why not put something more specific with the message boards? When I ran a Bulletin Board System, I had severan message boards for the community. Some that I had included the following:

1) General messages (shoot-the-shtuff, rated G'ish, nothing specific, etc.)

2) Debate zone (basically personal oppinions may fly, no right or wrong answers exists, PG-13'ish at most)

3) War Zone (if there's something heated, this would be the place for it, PG-13'ish, duck & cover, every man for himself)

4) Upload Zone (Although not applicable to any BOINC related project, was pertaining to the U/D portions of BBS's)

5) G-file sub (Again, probably not applicable to any BOINC related project, but based on the idea that if there was text-files, there was some form of discussion regarding the discussion of that particular document)

6) P-file sub (Like the other couple of ideas, this doesn't apply to any BOINc related project, but is based on the idea that online games (Program Files) were discussable.

Like I said, it's just ideas and suggestions, and not sure where to send these ideas. But there it is: any one picking up on these ideas are welcome to use it. I'm not sure if I could help in anything else regarding these ideas, but willing to put in some kind of effort into it.

Anyhow, didn't want anything more than that, but was thinking that the lessons from the past can be used in todays applications.

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Message 34885 - Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 17:28:00 UTC

Sounds good to me.

btw, Hi Everyone!
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Message 34934 - Posted: 17 Jan 2007, 8:06:04 UTC
Last modified: 17 Jan 2007, 8:18:07 UTC

If you hunt out the threads about improving the forum you will see lots of ideas have come up but it is like hitting your head against a brick wall. You don't get through it very fast (at least it doesn't hurt as much talking about the forum)

About a year ago they did take one step forward and a trial layout was scrathed up at Ralph (go have a look). It needs a slight improvement but hey we're still waiting for it to get implemented over here. A lot of the message board chatters have now left.. So there are just the few regulars here now.

Ralph forum,

Talk about it,
recent talk

old talk from about a year ago
section ideas (asked for by David Kim after we mentioned what you just asked,

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Message 34989 - Posted: 18 Jan 2007, 3:41:20 UTC

I believe Rytis (of PrimeGrid) is responsible for the BOINC forum code.

You might want to drop him an email (you'll have to see if you can find it on the PG site) or post in the forums there with idea you have. If they are feasible he might be able to work them into the standard BOINC server code.
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