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Al ("HI:)")
Marko Stanković
Matic Dejan - Cakra ("Matic Dejan-Cakra,Serbia&Montenegro/Vojvodina/MOL city... REGARDS TO ALL HONOUR PEOPLE...")
Dusan Indjic - Luigi ("Idiosyncratic freelancer on permanent vacation. DJ and author/webmaster of:...")
sErGiO ("My name is sErGiO. I live in Belgrade, Serbia. I\'m 27 years old, working in state...")
Bojan ("Hi!.. I\'m a 21 and student of Electrotehnics-Computing and automatics in Novi Sad -...")
Pele ("I\'m from Novi Sad/Serbia and I like science and future technologies that can help people...")
Dragomir Ristic
Rothal ("I am a 41 year old MSc in informatics. ")

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