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Ap0phis (" ")
Paulo Ferreira ("Hi I´m Paulo Ferreira from Portugal and my age is 37 years old. I hope my contribution...")
EditioN- ("Im from Lisbon in Portugal, im 18 and im currently at senior year at highschool.")
ruidocarmo ("I'm a Portuguese Mathematician member of the team Portugal@Home! ")
Maranhao ("Hello, my name is Antonio Maranhao. I'm from Nazare-Portugal and since very young I've...")
Ricardo Borges ("Hi, I'm a Physics teacher from Portugal that found BOINC as a good way to put Science in...")
Rui Pinheiro ("Im a chemical engineer, currently im the energy manager @ a small renewable energy company....")
Miguel ("Tenho uma Empresa chamada MiguelWorks que presta serviços informaticos.")

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