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MikeX ("A proud member of the BOINC Synergy team, I started crunching in April 2005, and I now...")
Patrick Francisco ("Olá! Meu nome é Patrick Francisco, nasci em 1977 e vivo em Torres Vedras, Portugal. Um...")
Paulo Pimenta ("Hi! My name is Paulo and I'm 29 years old - well... here I go into 30's! I work as an IT...")
teclas911 ("Why do you run Rosetta@home? A: well, it seems there will never be enough computer power...")
edusim ("Male, 33 years old.")
Jorge ("I'm a 21 year old student in the Instituto Superior Tcnico in Lisboa, Portugal. I like to...")
paulo brito ("I live and work at Barcelos, Portugal. I was born in 1968, I work on education and on...")

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