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ike ("Started with SETI@home many years ago, hooked on DC. Crunched many projects, now leaning...")
Eric the half-a-bee ("Inquisitive type, always on the lookout for protein. Avid computer power user but still...")
Phillip Kerrigan ("Presently training to be a nurse/")
Harold Booth ("Aged 74.Own my own retail business selling BERNINa Sewing Machines and providing service...")
Paul Wieland ("45 year old anaesthetist")
Mike Smith
Michael ("I am married to a crazy American with four kids, 2boys,2girls and have lived in...")
Aydon ("35 year old geek living in South Wales but preparing for an emigration to New Zealand! Now...")
JeffNZ ("Internet consultant from Wellington New Zealand. Check me out here...")
DougT ("Retired worker bee!! A long time user of computers and with lots of spare CPU... I've put...")

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