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Y. Lettow ("My nickname is Leddow, I'am from west Germany (Nord-Rhein-Westfahlen) I'am 16 years old...")
Yankton ("A silly kNIght doing silly things on a silly computer perpetuatin the system!")
Yi-Wei Chang ("Yi-Wei Chang Ph.D. student at Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica,...")
yasozenzai ("ReligionsPhilosophen,")
Yuriy Naydenov ("Hello! My name is Yuri. I try to help research by providing my PC for this. It's better...")
yadyn ("Twenty something software developer in Utah. Not Mormon.")
Yutaka_H (" ")
ypwalter ("Hi, everyone, I work as a software engineer in test/automation. I was born in USA but...")

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