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wakerry ("I started out in Agriculture and ended up a web programmer. I love to garden and have...")
Werner ("Born April 7, 1947. I am 59 years old and I can still run and bicycle. I eat only fruits...")
wyley ("I'm a professional Software Engineer, married, father of 2 young sons. I have a BS in...")
Whiplash ("29 yr old male living on the southcoast of Oregon.. This project really interested me...")
wilsonshi ("Im from Guangzhou ,China. 25 years old. just married. ")
WTHarvey ("I work in the Library of Congress Music Division. I collect chess puzzles and have a...")
wanderer ("Hi ! My nicname is "wanderer" and alive in Italy in province of Ferrara. I have various...")
Wang Solutions ("I am a fairly ordinary 40-something guy that loves computers and loves being able to use...")
Warleggon ("I live in the country kind of feel and love to mess with computers :). ")

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