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WillyB ("Hi, I am Billy! I am a busy young engineer. I do not game often, but built 18\'...")
wcbutler ("To Live A Lie Records NC State Raleigh, NC XVX")
WinterGuard1944 ("I\'ve entered my late 20\'s and I\'m educated in Philosophy and History. Among other things...")
wwTigraww ("Love tech, cooking, piano and animals :-) Lupus fighter. Owner of Mobile phone shop in...")
WhiteWulfe ("Hi, I\'m WhiteWulfe, a member of\'s BOINC team that hails from Northern...")
wyxchari ("Tocina, Sevilla, Spain.")
Wiktor Jezioro |
William Lance Yang ("Born in Cincinnati, Ohio of the USA. I am currently studying in a Chinese high school....")
wizanhi ("local computer geek. Current physics/math/pre-med student. Donating my excess FLOPS (and...")

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