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WonD ("Hello, I am from Brazil. I am M.Sc. in Computer Science. I am a teacher and researcher.")
waresko18 + Mars + amo ("We\'re students of gymnazium in Detva. It`s located in the middle of Slovakia. We\'re...")
Wes Wade ("I am a semi-retired computer programmer. I live in the Ozarks in Heber Springs, Arkansas. ...")
Whip ("Hi I am Jim Whipple; I retired from the Navy after 23 years, and 8 months service. I\'ve...")
Wee ("Greetings from Las Vegas! A dear friend of mine (Robert Spry)recommended I participate in...")
WG ("Wellington Grey . net")
Wettermann ("Hi ! Ich bin der Wetterman aus dem hohen Norden Deutschlands,genauer aus...")
Will Luongo ("I am a professional musician and audio technician in Okemos, Michigan, with a passion for...")

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