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vinn@[CNT] ("I am 40 and working as CIO. I like scuba diving and my hobby is also philately.")
Vladimir Stoyanov
Vampiro di Sengir ("Hello, I am Sengir, the Vampir, for the friends. I have 40 years old and alive to...")
Vancouvertechie ("Started my career with IBM in Seattle, and migrated to a Sys Admin job in the little known...")
Vvolodymyr ("Volodymyr from Ukraine")
Vahid Amirfarshinejad ("I was born in Tehran-Iran on September 1965. I studied electronic and I am working as a...")
velohabilis ("I, for one, welcome our new distributed computing overlords. ")
Vaughn Jones ("Hi, my name is Vaughn Jones. I am from Lyndhurst, Victoria, Australia. I am currently...")
Vivek Mohandas ("Hello! Graduate working in Finance and Market Trading.")

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