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vaughan ("I'm the Co-site Admin at the AMD Users Distributed Computing Team forum")
vfrey (" e.V. - Verein zur Foerderung von Bildung, Forschung und Wissenschaft durch...")
VE3LNY ("I am a ham radio hobbyist, VE3LNY, living in Toronto, Canada. My interests are radio,...")
Vamp ("I am currently working on my team totals for Boinc@Australia. I have to say the best team...")
versat ("Hi, I'm from Germany and interested in many sciences, I read a lot and like to go out for...")
Vibalicious ("Aspiring engineer with a fetish for anthing high-tech. Currently working in the metal...")
Victor Goh ("I am just another average homo sapien who believes in the human spirit.")
VO ("Salut, je suis infographiste de m├ętier.")
Vajras ("A member of Cruncher Junkies - if you live down-under or anywhere for that matter, come...")

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