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Owner ("This is Sam Ahn.")
OpaDeBons ("Ik woon in Zeist. Ik ben programmeur (C,C++,Pascal,vele assemblers,Basic,Cobol, enz) met...")
Outlaw Systems Inc. ("Jason M. Hodgdon Sex - Male Age - 30 Status - Married Location - Groton, CT...")
Otávio Vincenzi ("Hi, my name\'s Otávio. I\'m from Brazil. I love biology and hope to help the world.")
Owner ("I live in Arizona, and am retired for medical reasons. I was going to do the ET thing, and...")
olympicfireball ("A Venture Advisor")
Omar E. Ferrer & Arlenys Gil de Ferrer ("Ok, where to begin, of course you know my name because is at the top of the...")
Ovrlord ("I work for a government health agency in my country. ")

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