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oXXam ("Hi, I have been a 45 year old French, I live the area of champagne for 14 years, I am a...")
obozy konne (" Obozy konne I'm a webmaster and I run a small...")
osirisx69 ("Want to save lives.")
otaylor ("Currently a full-time student majoring in Music Technology. I\'ve been running BOINC...")
Olafur ("A veterinarian")
Omri ("4 Years at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - Medical Oncology and Advanced Immunology 1 Year...")
Ossona de Mendez ("I am a discrete mathematics researcher.")
Ozono28 [Pablo Ibanez] ("Telecomunications Engineer , Industrial Engineer, Musician and Wave Windsurfer. Whit...")
Opteron ("Originally from Miami, FL I\'m 38 and I build computers for a hobby. Also I like to shoot...")

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