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Olin G5 ("Hi I'm live in WA I was doing SETI but I think I can help out here more. Thanks everyone...")
Offler [Barcelona] ("Te podría contar algo de mi vida, pero ... ¿Para que? Así que te voy a contar un...")
Ozzy ("I work as a tooth fairy at night and collect 3 toed race camels at daytime. My hobbies...")
Ovidiu ("i am from Buftea, Romania, I am 27 years old, electrical engineer. I like hiking,...")
onemacguy ("I am an American! I hail from Augusta, Georgia, USA, home of the Master's Golf Tournament....")
Oelfredi ("in orcosa diem net porolsum.")
Overtonesinger ("Hello, world! I live in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic (it is said to be the...")
Olin ("2nd Year Mechanical Engineering student at University of Manitoba")

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