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1fast6 ("Greetings to all... I am just a regular guy, living in sunny Florida... I am married to...")
1st (" obozy konne obozy konne")
13661339238 ("I\\\'m in Beijing,26 years old.alone. rockychan1206[A&T] nice to meet...")
1000-Drinks ("Have a drink ;-) Question: What is the english word for \"Scheiben Frostschutz\"?")
1337 (":)")
148 ("148")
1DON1 ("I grew up in Ct., I\'ve been living in Fl. now for about 20 years. I\'m 48 years old. I...")
1911 ("That\'s what makes me go forward \"Bon Journo Nicola, Grazi (Thank you) for your very...")

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