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1fast6 ("Greetings to all... I am just a regular guy, living in sunny Florida... I am married to...")
1st (" obozy konne obozy konne")
13661339238 ("I'm in Beijing,26 years old.alone. rockychan1206[A&T] nice to meet you!")
1000-Drinks ("Have a drink ;-) Question: What is the english word for "Scheiben Frostschutz"?")
1337 (":)")
148 ("148")
1DON1 ("I grew up in Ct., I've been living in Fl. now for about 20 years. I'm 48 years old. I work...")
1911 ("That's what makes me go forward "Bon Journo Nicola, Grazi (Thank you) for your very...")

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