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Description Covid-19
Folding@Home, a distributed computing project for disease research, allows you to "donate" your unused computing power to the researchers looking for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) therapies or cures.
Similar to a new online puzzle game that crowdsources users' attempts to design a protein that could block the spread of COVID-19, this effort attempts to alleviate the massive computing strain that goes into modeling such solutions.

Foldit Game

Formula BOINC
FormulaBOINC (FB) is a competition for BOINC teams. It is based on the principle of the Formula 1 championship. Starting in 2017, the competition is composed of 2 groups of events:
- Marathons: each project is considered as a "Grand-Prix". The 10 best teams on each project get a fixed number of FB points.
- Sprints: 20 events of 3-days throughout the year, according to the schedule of the Formula 1 championship. Each sprint will involve only one project. The chosen project will only be known 24 hours before the start of the sprint. The top 10 teams on each sprint are given a fixed number of FB points.

Formula BOINC

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