What Does Your Senior Dating Profile Say About You?

What Does Your Senior Dating Profile Say About You?

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Description They say wine becomes finer with age. Wine isn't the only thing aging well these days. In the 1980s, 30 was the new 20, and today 50 -- or even 60 -- is the new 35. So to attract the right senior men (or women), your senior dating profile needs to stand out and yet not stretch the truth. How to do this?

Here are five simple tips that will ensure your senior dating profile says the right things about you.

1. Don't use your webcam to take a screenshot and don't do that reverse-the-camera-and-take-it-yourself trick. Why? Well, the resolution on webcams is horrible and you'll look fifteen to twenty years older than you are. And if you use the turn-around trick, chances are you'll take the picture at a weird angle -- again aging yourself or just making you look silly in the picture.
2. Don't forget to spell-check. Fixing those grammatical or spelling errors is crucial. No one will notice an error-free profile, but everyone will notice a profile filled with misspellings and errors.
3. Get specific but not too specific. What does this mean? Be specific about what you want, what you like and don't like. But don't give out your home address, phone number or private email address at the first contact -- or, heaven forbid, in your profile. Although most senior singles are good citizens, there are a few who are not. You need to protect yourself.
4. A senior dating profile is like an advertisement, so take your time and get it right. Don't just list activities you like to do; tell a funny story about your hobby. Add pictures that show you in your best light -- hiking, walking on a beach, bird watching, playing sports. This will show interested singles just how much you love life.
5. Don't pretty up the ugly. As a senior dater you have a lot to offer, but you also have a past. Rather than glossing over an ugly divorce, be honest. You don't have to be negative or dwell on the details for five pages of a profile, but getting that information out there will help you breathe easier as you start making connections.

No senior dating profile is perfect, but paying attention to the details will help you weed through the traffic in online dating sites. Women often comment that men don’t understand them. There’s plenty of reading material that focuses on how we should (and could) better understand women and comprehend what she’s thinking. The truth of the matter is we’ll never understand how a woman thinks; many of us will come close, but women are complicated. We’re often told that we should understand women, but I often I wonder if women make the same attempts to understand us?

There’s a difference from asking your friends about what a guy is thinking, and trying to understand men as a whole. When I say women should understand men, I’m talking beyond the surface, stereotypical cave man image. I’m also talking beyond understanding the guy you’re currently dating or in a relationship. The’re certain near universal truths about men that women should be aware of, some are sexual, some are habitual and others are lifestyles and general likes. There’s often a rift in understanding these general likes, and often displayed when we’re asked, “Why do men like [insert stereotypical male thing here]?”

Before complaining that we don’t understand, ask yourself if you understand us. In my experience, when a woman says she understands men, she often does not.
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