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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : No finished file (Message 78940)
Posted 17 Oct 2015 by Profile joseps
Projects still running past due date. Should I just abort projects not completed on completion date. This will make projects waiting in line run.
I keep my 4 computers running 3am to 8pm automatically. I do not check them regularly. Need some help or answer to this. Thanks. joseps
2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : A possible cure for Cancer (Message 77896)
Posted 5 Feb 2015 by Profile joseps
my mother in law was part of a few different studies of a experimental treatment that was one shot per day. but her cancer had gotten to a stage that even this treatment couldn't touch it. and with that development she had to withdraw from the study. i believe it was her second program to try, but even though she qualified the results were not what the study was looking for.
this is a tough disease to try and find first being it does not display any symptoms until it is almost to late. hope all the shared computing programs come up with something and our hospital friends find information from those who passed on.

That's too bad. My great Aunt just passed away from bone cancer couple of days ago, so my simpathies go out to any family who has to go through that.

Just read an article couple of days ago where a doctor at the University of Alberta called up a pharmacist to stop sellng the cancer treatment to patients. That kind of surprised me, but when I continued to read the article, it stated that it hasn't been tested on humans yet. @:^S

If there is a chance, yes a slim one, that this might help for those that are in the last few weeks, why take that away? e.g. My mom passed away earlier this year from cancer - the last couple of months the cancer was in an inoperable state so this perhaps could have helped (and it couldn't have made the pain any worse...).
However I can understand if the cancer is still in the treatable stage that it could well be a bad idea to try this.

Prostate Cancer:
I think I will be in first person talking about specific cancer. I have been contributing to Rosetta@home for some time now, hoping to find cure for cancer. Now at age 82 I am diagnosed with prostate cancer at stage 4, 2 months ago. I am undergoing hormone therapy starting last Jan. 2015. I never realized that it will happen to me. I have no symtoms. Active in the Gym 3 days/wk year round, bowling 3 days/wk year round. I told all my friends to have a PSA test to check for cancer even if they do not have any symtoms just to be sure they do not have prostate cancer. This advice is for all of you there too. I am still active, but I do not know how will the therapy affect me and how long will I live from now on.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : WINDOWS 8 CONSUMER REVIEW (Message 72660)
Posted 4 Apr 2012 by Profile joseps
Finally I am able to run Win 8 and is crunching RH project. I have several attempts. I cloned my Win 7 hdd and install Win8 on the cloned drive. It is working now. But the OS has limited functionality. But I am glad it runs Rosetta project. If anyone would try it, do not install it on Vista. I may run this for the next 10 days.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Beyond newbie Q&A (Message 71251)
Posted 14 Sep 2011 by Profile joseps
Has Rosetta@Home ever consider doing research for cure or prevention
of Type 2 Diabetes? It's a greater threat to the ageing population, just like Alzheimer's disease. I hope David Baker will consider this as part of DC
PROJECTS. More daily news make diabetes standout among diseases concern. The other day they called India the diabetes country in the world. Just curious and concerned. joseps
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Web Site Updates (Message 71171)
Posted 1 Sep 2011 by Profile joseps
I understand why some volunteers are unhappy.However, I donot see any perfect project management around in all dc projects. I see some ups and down with Rosetta@Home over the past 6 years I donated my computers runtime. I never fault them for that. Have patience and relax and enjoy the fact that you are giving somthing for the common good of mankind. I just like the project and I think you all do too deep inside you without preconditions. joseps:)
6) Message boards : Number crunching : UNFINISHED WU RUNNING PAST DEADLINE (Message 71170)
Posted 31 Aug 2011 by Profile joseps
Reduce the size of your cache. If you have a permanent (always on) internet connection, then make the cache about 3 or 4 days. As long as the project has work, you should be fine.

Yes, I followed your suggestion. I reduced the cache from 6 to 4 days.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : UNFINISHED WU RUNNING PAST DEADLINE (Message 71166)
Posted 31 Aug 2011 by Profile joseps
One of my 5 quad computers is running 2 wu unfinished and running 2days past deadline.
Should I just abort both of them? Something is wrong somewhere. I do knot know. All of my 5 quad computers are 100% dedicated to crunch Rosetta 16 hours daily. I set them to auto start 3:00AM everyday and auto shutoff after 16 hours runtime at night.
Just to inform you that I will just abort the unfinished wu running past deadline. From now on I will try to keep track of what is happening.
8) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : User Of The Day (Message 70239)
Posted 4 May 2011 by Profile joseps
joseps, only thing I say is that I wish I had enough power to contribute 5'000 rac like you :D many people believe in Rosetta@home.

Remember that the scientists involved are spending years their own life in this kind of research.

What if Rosetta should fail? We would have lost just electricity. They would have lost credibility and a whole lot of time and efforts.

There are people working full time on this thing.

Rosetta also got the sympathetic attentions and funding of Bill Gates.
If I recall correctly he funded some millions here.

Come on Joseph, your donation is impressive, but there is always a next person who is 'investing' a lot more and thus have more to lose.

You're definitely not alone ;)

johnt, we are all willing contributor in our simple ways. Rosetta is a great scientific research project which Bill Gates recognise. I like Bill Gates too. I learned about him when I took a 3 months course in basic progamming long time ago. Also my son is a manager in his company for more than 18 years now.
Also I am an enthusiast in assembling computers.This give me a reason to run computers for DC. Every 2-3 years I rip the box and replace the cpu with the latest technology. I have given away old cpus and mobo and accessories. Now I have reach the point where I have to be content with quad cores. I'll keep on crunching until I fall off the bandwagon :)
9) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : User Of The Day (Message 70223)
Posted 2 May 2011 by Profile joseps
Even if you haven't "won the lottery" by getting the lowest energy structure for a particular protein, that doesn't mean your contributions aren't valuable. They enable the search space to be increased: the best-scoring candidate from 10,000 decoys is likely to be a lot better than the best from 1,000. Also given your impressive statistics you must have come very close several times and I'm sure someone in the Baker group looks at these close calls.

There are a lot of distributed computing projects out there (quite a few working on various aspects of protein folding) and it can be a bit hard to decide which is the most worthwhile. What sways me in favour of R@h is not only the number of papers that get published but also the quality of the journals in which the research appears. Take a look at the publications list: there are a lot of papers published in Nature, Science, PNAS, and other leading journals. It's very hard to get research into journals like these: numerically I believe only one in ten papers submitted to Nature and Science ultimately get published. So you can be confident that your crunching is worthwhile and contributing to first rate science.

You are right and I am glad, I am contributing to first rate science. I remember a statement I read long time ago that says "the successful result of research is a reflection of how much effort, time and money was spent to accomplish it...." Right now I feel like riding in a bandwagon full of dedicated enthusistic contributors searching for the illusive cure for human diseases.
10) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : User Of The Day (Message 70179)
Posted 30 Apr 2011 by Profile joseps
joseps, I understand your concerns.
Me too I spend about 45€ a month for electric bill and I built a dedicated quad crunching day and night with no interruptions. Yes, I know people who built server-grade rigs but even with my little efforts I often make sure that I run worthwhile projects.

I am an Information Engineering student with an almost obsessive interest in science.
Don't take my word as absolute, but here's my opinion about your 'is DC worth it' question:

- Distributed computing is a relatively new concept (the oldest effort coming from SETI, 11 years ago if I recall correctly)
- Personal computers only became interestingly powerful in the last 5 years and the computational capabilities are going to shine even more in the next 5
- Distributed Computing efforts usually requires really, really big computations and a great deal of work and time for the scientists to analyze the results.
- Science is not done 'on demand'. A big fraction of the most interesting discoveries and breakthroughs were made incidentally or at least unexpectedly earlier.
Science has a great deal of 'randomness', there is no such thing as a scientist sitting in a laboratory and saying 'ok, lets do a cancer vaccine'.
Science is trial and error, science is time and effort and results often come in a unpredictable fashion.

I think those last 10 years of DC are just the beginning.
Remember that Rosetta is working on no-less than protein structure prediction ( and that proteomics is a pretty new field of study.

I am not sure about what you consider a 'useful result', but Rosetta (and even other DC projects) have published a lot of papers. Each paper may or may not be useful for further science, but it works this way for every kind of science, not only the DC-driven portion.

I don't care if David Baker won't even know about me (tough I actually admire him) or if I will never be mentioned on the home page of this site.

I don't even care if this challenge will take 5 or 20 more years, I will keep spending my spare money on the most powerful hardware I can afford because I have faith in DC and because this is the only way I can contribute to some nice science at the moment.

Best wishes, I genuinely hope you will live long enough to see the DC really shining in the next years ;)

Hi johnT,
I agree with you. But my thinking is not as a scientist. I have been a project design engineer and my focus is results. I envision that 5-6 years a possible cure or vacine is found, another 5-8 yrs testing maybe applying the result to humans to cure disease etc. When I volunteer to crunch Rosetta@Home projects, I do it without pre-condition. But after a while you look back and ask your self, Is it worth the effort. It's like chasing the end of the rainbow. Look at SETI, 10 TO 12 YRS NO RESULT and now folding. People stop funding it. What keeps people crunching is the noble idea that you are doing something good for the human race. I am just a believer, and at night I pray to GOD that my 5 computers will find the correct results envisioned by the scientists running Rosetta@Home. Time will tell. Right now the most prominent DC researchers are Rosetta@Home and World Community Grid.I crunch WCG too 14% of my computers Both appeal most to the noble idea of helping the human race. I wish both will achieve great success.Thanks for your best wishes.
11) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : User Of The Day (Message 70116)
Posted 25 Apr 2011 by Profile joseps
Your contributions to rosetta@home really are helping! for example, making possible the development of a next generation of flu virus inhibitors as I described recently in my journal. I can't speak for other DC projects, but rosetta@home is definitely trying to make the world a better place.

Thanks David Baker. That's very encouraging. I am 16 yrs retired.I do not know if I am still alive when flu virus inhibitors will be available for the general public. But I just sure hope my children and grand kids' generation will benifit eventually. I'll just keep my 5 computers running Rosetta@home. joseps
12) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : User Of The Day (Message 70108)
Posted 24 Apr 2011 by Profile joseps
It's simply a random pick from the registered users.

On the other hand, "Predictor of the Day" is based on the best completed work.

I have been crunching Rosetta since June 2006, 16hrs everyday. I built computers primarily for Rosetta. I do not know if any of my computers have ever made successful work. Now more than 5 years later I am wondering if crunching Rosetta @home projects is worth it. Not a user of the day or predictor of the day. Maybe I should just give it up. My energy cost to run Rosetta is $32/mo average. I can just add this money to my church charity. Give my 4 quad computers to my grand kid and forget DC.
I have been searching the internet for a DC PROJECT THAT has yield meaningful
results. I find nothing. Maybe I am wrong. But I am thinking over this DC
EFFORT. joseps
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Communication during recent downtime (Message 69406)
Posted 18 Jan 2011 by Profile joseps
I could feel how frustrated you all are, and so with me. I am guessing that the project team is not a large group. They are under heavy pressure to fix the problem. Infront of them is a giant task to fix an old system and behind them are screaming frustrated volunteers not having work for their machines. I built 5 quad machines fully dedicated to running Rosetta wu 16 hours daily. I cannot afford to be frustrated, I am 16 years retired and just want to take it easy. I write this in defense of the project team. I do not know them. But I have been in their situation in the past, many times. Relax. Have a great day guys:) joseps
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Anyone else having trouble uploading results? (Message 69083)
Posted 9 Jan 2011 by Profile joseps
Hi All:)
Relax! Everyone is affected by this uploading problem. My 5 computers can not upload 10 or more completed projects on each machine.
For the time being I added WCG projects while Rosetta has a problem. Happy New Year Guys:)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Asking a question about power bill? (Message 68239)
Posted 28 Oct 2010 by Profile joseps
Hello. My name is Mike. I have started crunching numbers for rosetta and I was wondering if someone could guide me on the power consumption that my computer is using to do the actual crunching.

My specs are in order I believe. I have a Quad Core Q6600 and I didn't do any special mods to Boinc or in any way try to "optimize" it's use. I installed Boinc, attached it to Rosetta@home, and away it went. I noticed my temps went from about 30c idle to around 60c while crunching. I'm not too worried about the temps but I am kind of worried about the power consumption. Assuming I left it on 24/7 crunching for that going to throw my power bill through the roof at the end of the month?

What can I reasonably expect? I am only using this one computer and don't have a "farm" of PC's. Thank you.

Hello Mike:)
I hookup each of my computers to a KILL A WATT EZ meter to check how much power
each PC is using. In my area I use my rate at $0.093 cents/kwh. The cost per hour for each PC all quad processors are as follows: pc1= $0.0105, pc2=$0.0125,
pc3= $0.0144, pc4= $0.0156 and pc5= $0.0165.
I run all 5PC 30DAYS YEAR ROUND. Based on my old records of 5 computers running
12hrs/day/mo, I am spending $19.03 a month to run Rosetta@home. But now I am
running my 5 computers 16hrs/day/mo year round which cost me roughly $30/mo.

If you are running just 1 PC, you are just spending roughtly $5/mo
I hope this give a good idea. joseps:)
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Computer become unresponsive (Message 67876)
Posted 29 Sep 2010 by Profile joseps
Suddenly. Sometimes I had to wait few seconds before I could see mouse pointer moving.

And sure, if I quite or snooze BOINC, everything immediately back to normal.

Only Rosetta installed under BOINC. Current tasks:


I could probably abort those tasks and see what happen...

Sadly I think you too are running into memory problems and the fact that Boinc does not like to give up crunching as easily as it used to. The machine you pointed to has 2gig of ram but is a dual core pc, so if you are running 2 Rosie units and they are each taking 1.5gig of ram you are into the hard drive as spare ram and this makes the pc slower. I have 2 dual core pc's running Rosie and am thinking of upping the ram in one of them to 4gig to let it breathe again, the 2nd pc already has 4gig of ram in it.

I experienced your problem on my 2 computers, I was able to solve it by editing the individual computer preference on usage as follows: 100% of processors and, 70% of cpu time. As a bonus, it lowers the core temperatures while using the Intel supplied stock cpu cooler (HSF). Now average core temp is 55*C.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT OF TOWN, MY 5 COMPUTERS WILL BE OFF (Message 67304)
Posted 22 Aug 2010 by Profile joseps
Will be out of town again. Visiting my grand children. My computers
will be shut down for a few days until I return:)
I will try to catchup later:)
18) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT OF TOWN, MY 5 COMPUTERS WILL BE OFF (Message 65766)
Posted 18 Apr 2010 by Profile joseps
Hi all:)
Thats the fun of it, CATCHUP AND OVERTAKE!
I am now in San Francisco, CA visiting grandchildren. Am having fun. Will be home next week and resume ROSY crunching. My wife can't stand computers running while we are out of town. Talk to you later.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT OF TOWN, MY 5 COMPUTERS WILL BE OFF (Message 65747)
Posted 15 Apr 2010 by Profile joseps
Shutting down my computers dedicated to Rosetta. Will resume when I return.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Crunching Rosetta@home workunits in Windows XP Mode-Windows Virtual PC (Message 65698)
Posted 4 Apr 2010 by Profile joseps
Yes I agree with Mod.Sense.
The Virtual PC is running my old softwares which otherwise will not run in Windows 7 Prof. Its just a toy for tinkering. However it is working. It behaves like a standalone PC within the main machine.
I don't believe the Freehal will work on rosetta projects. I only crunch Rosetta@home and World Community Grid projects, all dedicated to medical research for human diseases cure. But only 6% allowed for WCG, or when Rosetta servers are down and cannot provide WUs. Thanks for all your input.

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