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Posted 9 Jun 2007 by Sean
On a few slower/lower memory machines, users reported "sluggish" behaviour when using other programs. These settings were invented to provide those users with a way to limit the ram available to boinc projects, and not force them to stop contributing all together. I've got mine set to 100 each and have yet to see any sluggishness, but then I have the luxury of only using my fastest machine/s for everyday things and leave the rest to just do boinc.

You don't need to try and match useage to the settings, but can if you wan't. The higher the setting, the less frequently swap space will be utilized. Swap space if very slow compared to L1, L2 or memory access.

Also remeber Macs are very memory hungry. Most of my macs at work will idle with about 400 - 600 MB of ram used after a fresh reboot with nothing running. Try turning off unused widgets, and you need at least 512MB per core and a mac. I have 2GB in my core 2 duo IMac and with only boinc running I have about 800MB free on average. I have my boinc client set to the defaults and running always. I have had no issues with slow performance with Adobe CS apps or surfing. So with Macs the more memory the better.

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