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Posted 29 Nov 2015 by Ironworker16
I stopped running Rosetta many months ago when I bought an i7. Problem was that he grabbed all eight CPUs and the fan noise was unacceptable. I did try Tthrottle but that affected all CPUs and my normal work was downgraded significantly.

Is there a way to assign n CPUs to Rosetta where n = Fan Noise OK?

Thanks, Tom

Create an empty text file in the folder for this project and paste the following into the file and save it named as app_config.xml, change the number in max concurrent to the number of cores you want, then stop the client and start the client again or under Options in the Advanced View click Read config files to make it work.

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Posted 9 Jan 2012 by Ironworker16
Where it is might be variable based on your Windows rev, but

I have windows 7, and mine is found in the directory named:


the filename is


with no extension like .txt or .bin or anything. It is plain text, so you can open it with notepad, or any simple text editor.

In a search or find, look for name hosts.

put the line I quoted before, by itself on the last line of the file, not disturbing any other lines. If you want, you can put a comment line above your new line for later explanation, like:

# this entry is to fix a problem with rosetta

There is one or more spaces or tabs between the .145 and srv6, and finish the line with a RETURN

Save the file.

Thanks, That was quick and easy. I did have to open notepad as administrator to edit the file.
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Posted 31 Dec 2008 by Ironworker16
Wishing everybody a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
May all your dreams come true.

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