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1) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Let's write a story (Message 29545)
Posted 17 Oct 2006 by vavega
and having a curious nature i immediately........
2) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Let's write a story (Message 29356)
Posted 15 Oct 2006 by vavega
popping the mushroom in my mouth, i reached for his head.........
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Converting a Yugo into a Porsche? (Message 24783)
Posted 24 Aug 2006 by vavega
when you go to buy remember to check whether they charge sales tax and shipping.

newegg is out for me as they charge sales tax (7%) for me in new jersey (free shipping)

chief value newegg's sister company charges sales tax for CA, NJ, TN, and Puerto Rico (free shipping)

mwave only charges tax in CA. (shipping charges)

zipzoomfly only charges sales tax in CA (free shipping)

note the difference in the cores. will you be going with a windsor or manchester?
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Another solution for the credit issue that hasn't been mentioned. (Message 23857)
Posted 20 Aug 2006 by vavega
and that was only a suggestion!

instead of focusing on the negative of that inequality, why don't you start posting ways of keeping it fair? and i mean all of you! get back to the original solution mentioned or come up with your own.

there, that should kill the thread for a minute or two
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Another solution for the credit issue that hasn't been mentioned. (Message 23846)
Posted 20 Aug 2006 by vavega
bring us all back some coffee! enjoy the walk
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Another solution for the credit issue that hasn't been mentioned. (Message 23842)
Posted 20 Aug 2006 by vavega

would you please elaborate your last post, i don't understand it. a lot of what you quoted was by me, i would like to know what i posted that you reacted to.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Another solution for the credit issue that hasn't been mentioned. (Message 23824)
Posted 20 Aug 2006 by vavega
i have no problem with the optimized clients or people who use them, it was my personal choice not to. however i don't want or need to have my credits changed (for the past work i've done, or the future work) to reflect that. some others who don't use them might want them, not me.

what is needed is a fair and equitable plan that takes boinc and the optimizing out of the equation. that would be the only fair way to award credits based on work done, not how fast it's done.

by jose
Hey why dont we give credits by the percentage of time the computer is crunching for Rosetta only> The larger your Rosetta Share the larger the credits.

the only problem i can see with this is it will award more credits to a slow machine that crunches rosetta only, like my old sony P4 1.0. which i don't think if fair.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Another solution for the credit issue that hasn't been mentioned. (Message 23812)
Posted 20 Aug 2006 by vavega
no flaming jose, you'd look awful as toast.

and what of us who don't run an optimized version and don't want the points? why can't the credits awarded be based only on the workunits themselves and not how fast an optimized boinc runs them? the project team controls those values. if you're going to revamp how credits are awarded, then how about using only the size of the unit and time taken to crunch it? they all go out blind so no one can whine that they aren't getting a big one. is something like that doable?

don't hate me beacuse i have no clue!
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread Delete: Why I am pulling my machines out. (Message 23463)
Posted 19 Aug 2006 by vavega
not before you hear from me again!

actually mike with php, there are some boards that require you to activate the account thru a link sent to the email address you used to register. that stops a lot of spammers.

and because of that lack of tools and functions, communication is destroyed, not encouraged. how can any of you accept that? it's the communication that is going to grow this project, help to resolve how credits are calculated in a somewhat decent manner given the diverse personalities involved, and allow everyone to air their opinion in an orderly manner. why wouldn't you want that!?? the bonus is that it can be handled by volunteers, freeing up some time for the scientists to science.

by angus
The problem is not the medium, but the message.

the problem is the medium, 3 sections you say to find everything. right. and as soon as you clikc on 1 of the 3 to go where you think you'll find what you need, you're immediately greeted with a brick wall of topics, pages and pages of them endlessly streams of them (ok, a little dramatic but you get my drift)titled by people who might give some thought as to what the subject should be. on a regular php board that wouldn't happen. if someone posts a subject where there is one already posted, the new one is moved (can mods move threads here?) and or deleted, with the 2nd poster told why. no big deal.

perhaps you're afraid a php board will limit the size of signature lines? btw, what's his name?

if anything, wouldn't it be worth it to just be able to hit the "post reply" button without getting endless repeats of whole posts, like 2 of the above that take up so much space, forcing people to scroll through and possibly missing thoughts?

as to "a project of this size", what exactly does the size of the project have to do with it? size should never be a criteria for good communication!

You can have the biggest. bestest, whiz-bang mesage board ever, but if the project people don't post it's all a waste.

tell me how you can equate the 2? as to why dr. baker and co. don't post more often, it could be for a variety of reasons, one of which might be that they can't easily find where to put their posts.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Thread Delete: Why I am pulling my machines out. (Message 23395)
Posted 19 Aug 2006 by vavega
by ethan

If I could lock a thread and remove individual posts I would, but the only option is to delete.

by halifax-lad

Good thing would be for the new forum code to be uploaded that allows devs & mods to bar people from the message board system for upto 2 weeks in a row
which dr. kim thinks is an excellent idea.

by ethan
I wish it was that easy. The problem is we don't have the ability to edit messages.

by ethan
I don't have the ability to edit, unfortunately.

by angus
David Kim's only visible post from the last 24 hours (of two) is to tell us that he's going to install more ways to block people from posting.

David Baker won't post here, but will post on the XS site about the backdating topic, and his only two other posts have likewise been hidden in the banned thread.

The only other project representative - Ethan - hid the thread that has the majority of the discussion on the whole issue.

And - you wonder why this project has MAJOR PR problems? Gee... who would have thought. All the goodwill that's been generated over the last 6 to 8 months has been flushed away. No longer is Rosetta the model BOINC project that's renowned for it's communication with members.

i have to say angus, this is the first time i've agreed with you, but i have to ask.....can you still defend this type of message board as being appropriate for the size and scope that the rosetta project has become? it's painfully obvious that as it is, it's not working, either for the participants or the moderators. and i for one don't understand their reluctance to fix the problem.

by mikemars

The PHP forum is far easier to moderate than the boinc forums, simply because there are more tools at hand (thread locking, editing, private messages, banning of IP ranges, ...). The single most useful tool is private messages - the benefits of being able to have a quiet word with somebody without involving everybody else are enormous.

this solution has been proposed a few times before mike, but i don't think has been taken seriously.

from dr. baker, by way of whl
Dr Baker Wrote :

Please remember everybody, I'm a scientist trying to solve science problems, and I am relatively new to the sociology of distributed computing. I don't think it is true that the complainers are having a disproportionate influence over the project. The new credit system was proposed by many people over the past months, and I don't think anyone thinks it is not reasonable.
The problem with the offensive posts is very hard to deal with--it would require a full time moderator which we don't have (it is basically me and David Kim right now, and I don't even know how to delete stuff and believe me I have a zillion other things to do as well--trying to deal with this issue is certainly making it difficult to focus on science today). And the boinc developers are already swamped and can't make changes to address these issues either.
PLEASE--try to think about the science and the benefits to humanity, and ignore the taunts from the little guys--they just don't matter--and I hope all this will blow over soon. You have been making a fantastic contribution, and I would hate to see this cause any disruption to our collabortive efforts together.

perhaps we could convince dr. baker that a regular php board could be implemented and then have trusted volunteer moderators, thereby taking some of the workload off the project scientists.

the benefits of having that are

a. better organization of posted material
b. the ability of the mods to keep things "civilized" thru deletion of posts, private message warnings, locking of threads and banning
c. a daily posts button to cut time spent reading post to a minimum, which would save the mods time.

the cons are that

a. the message board won't look the same
b. you'd have to re-register for it. (which might be a blessing in disguise)

as large as rosetta has become, don't you think it's time to solve this problem, or do you really want things like this to flair up over and over again just so you can whine that you can't fix it for whatever excuse you can find.

11) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Retaining Users - Bringing back former ones (Message 21430)
Posted 30 Jul 2006 by vavega
by angus
Vester -

No one is saying you can't be here, contribute to the forums, and crunch for Rosetta. I'm sure the project and everyone else participating appreciates the power that's brought here.

However - I DO resent the fact that a few of the FaD'rs came in here back around January and made a horrendous row for weeks (maybe months) over why this forum couldn't be changed to be like the FaD forum. Now, almost 8 months later, the SAME topic is brought up again. THAT's what ticked ME off, and why I made the post I did.

The project gets to decide what the forum looks like in form and function, and they've made that decision, and put the moderators in place to keep it this way.

Enough said.

you know angus, you exaggerated in january and you exaggerate now. not one ex fadder, me being one of them "made a horrendous row". all we did was make suggestions (which you took as trying to "recreate FaD") to improve the accesibility of information for new people (which we were) the ones who Dr. Baker and the project were trying to recruit. so please get that idea out of your head.

if anyone raised a ruckus it was you, so try to understand our intentions and don't assign your own to them. as was then and as is now, the way information is organized in the rosetta forum (and i hesisitate to call it that) is illogical, messy, and a time waster. the question and answer section which should have the most action for getting help, but it is far outweighed by the number crunching section of the "message board". as someone who needs help, where do you think i'm going first? to the question and answer section, but my problem has alredy been asked and maybe answered in the number crunching section! it's hard to tell because all the titles are iniated by the poster with no subgroupings to tell you what the content is about, so you are left at their mercy to know which thread to read. how productive is that?

[edit] for spelling and formatting as there is still no preview function [/edit]

12) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : What's playing on the stereo? (Message 21392)
Posted 29 Jul 2006 by vavega
wolfgang's vault radio

13) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Letter to Inactive Rosetta Crunchers (Message 13071)
Posted 5 Apr 2006 by vavega

feets and i have worked on a "tell a friend" email that we hope will be approved for the email link. we've started to tackle this one as well, gathering information as to the best way to approach it. give us till the weekend and then we'll post what we've come up with, or if feets is uncomfortable with that he'll chime in here.
14) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Has anyone created a very simplified (1) page explaination? Pls Read (Message 12669)
Posted 25 Mar 2006 by vavega
for your consideration feets

Rosetta@Home is seeking cures and vaccines for cancer, HIV, Alzheimer's, and you can help. By using your computer together with computers from all over the world, Dr. Baker and his team from the University of Washington are researching the proteins that make up these and other diseases.

<insert the main message>
then at the end.........

The Rosetta@Home project is developing these improvements to the model, and WE NEED YOU!

here's how you can help.........and then the directions for download...etc.
15) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : CAN YOU HELP ROSETTA?? (Message 12584)
Posted 23 Mar 2006 by vavega

i tried registering for the DPC's bb and despite not knowing a lick of dutch managed to get a password mailed to me. my idea was to post there asking so alas no joy. in the meantime i found off their forum, it might be in there.
16) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : How can we bring more users to the Rosetta project? (Message 12582)
Posted 23 Mar 2006 by vavega
do we have any creative graphics types who could do a pamphlet and have it available in pdf form here so any member can download and print it off their own pc for local distribution? nothing fancy.....use the rosetta@home logo, U of Wash logo....keeping it to 1 page front and back?

we could use this as a mailing to our local schools, or as a hand out.
17) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Reasons some people avoid BOINC projects (Message 12498)
Posted 22 Mar 2006 by vavega
they'd like to help, but don't understand the science and the pc workings of the program.

to combat these reasons, there should be a clear simple science explanation and the program and setup directions need to be bulletproof so no babysitting is involved. if you're going to have a recruitment drive using mass media (of any sort) be prepared to get people that don't have a large science or pc background and aren't willing to invest too much time. we do it because we love it, but not everyone feels the same way.
18) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : CAN YOU HELP ROSETTA?? (Message 12465)
Posted 21 Mar 2006 by vavega
hi jonathon!

i vote feets, as long as it doesn't go to his head and project leader does have a good ring to it.

the submission to NPR has been written up and sent. i'll check back later to see if there's anything else i'm qualified to do.
19) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : CAN YOU HELP ROSETTA?? (Message 12458)
Posted 21 Mar 2006 by vavega

where are you located? us or uk? if you're in the us, i will do distribution. get them to me and i will then send them out to whoever requests one for free.

also i would like to take on the task of writing a request to NPR for Dr. Baker to be interviewed. so you can check that off the list. i'll join the yahoo group as soon as i figure out how!

not to put a damper on things, but we did try a tshirt at Fad, it wasn't really a success as it costs a lot to have them made up and then shipped out. plus collection hassles. that might be better left to cafe press.

who is in charge, you or robert brooke?

[edit] i've joined the yahoo group, just waiting to be approved [/edit]
20) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : How can we bring more users to the Rosetta project? (Message 12305)
Posted 20 Mar 2006 by vavega
by robert brooke

I think many of these ideas have great merit but in some of them I see problems that inhibit the efficiency of implementation.

give me specifics please. all 3 ideas i proposed are cheap, doable and use the web for distibution. what are your concerns?

on the page for submission to NPR, a proposal has to be written up and emailed to them. it should be concise, intriguing, and simple enough for all of us to understand. that shouldn't be hard to do, but it might take some time. we need a volunteer to do that. once it's submitted all we have to do is sit and wait and hope that NPR considers it. they then do the interview for us. would you be available?

snake doctor has solved the major problem with putting together a podcast, now all we need is someone to propose it to dr. baker and get a list of questions for an interviewer. could you help with that?

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