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Posted 14 May 2006 by Profile Lady Klaatuborada
#10. Malaria is spreading and we have to have an answer.
#09. Anthrax may be used on someone you care about.
#08. I\'ve lost too many friends to HIV
#07. My mother-in-law has Alzheimer\'s and so does my brother-in-law\'s father
#06. My husband is a melanoma survivor, daughter has 50/50 chance of developing
#05. My brother-in-law has Prostate Cancer
#04. My Step-father-in-law has Prostate Cancer and just lost a cancerous kidney
#03. My Uncle died from Prostate Cancer. He also had Alzheimer\'s
#02. I have Hashimoto\'s thyroiditis and other immune system problems
#01. It makes me feel like I\'m contributing

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