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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with minirosetta version 1.+ (Message 51370)
Posted 12 Feb 2008 by Nemesis
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Most of my Granted credit is lower than Claimed (Message 47660)
Posted 12 Oct 2007 by Nemesis
These WUs should make interesting blips in the graph.

Where are you getting access to all the results on one screen?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.80 (Message 47566)
Posted 9 Oct 2007 by Nemesis
You would think that they would send this turkey back to RALPH by now.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Most of my Granted credit is lower than Claimed (Message 47565)
Posted 9 Oct 2007 by Nemesis
It's a problem of lack of transparency.

There is nothing a user can look at to confirm that they are getting a proper amount of credit.
5) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : little red square (Message 47421)
Posted 5 Oct 2007 by Nemesis
I see little red squares at the bottom of each forum post...
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Why no R@h work downloading? I also run SETI (Message 47404)
Posted 4 Oct 2007 by Nemesis
According to your Computers page, all of your machines have downloaded work over the last three days, in many cases hundres of WUs per CPU. I don't see the problem...

10/4/2007 9:53:01 AM|rosetta@home|Sending scheduler request: Requested by user
10/4/2007 9:53:01 AM|rosetta@home|(not requesting new work or reporting completed tasks)
10/4/2007 9:53:06 AM|rosetta@home|Scheduler RPC succeeded [server version 509]
10/4/2007 9:53:06 AM|rosetta@home|Deferring communication for 4 min 2 sec
10/4/2007 9:53:06 AM|rosetta@home|Reason: requested by project

I have about 5 machines...they all only run RAH...they all have the Preferences set to 10days of work...all running version 5.10.20. All machines have been set up and working perfectly fine for at least a few weeks, some even 6+ months.

None of my machines have received work in a few days...I have tried the Update button and also the Retry Communications numerous times on all machines over the past few days. No new work is coming to me.

Is RAH down in regards to sending work?

Yes, I've read this thread and although it doesn't solve my problem, there are some non-laymen terms thrown around here (like LTD and debt) that aren't defined.

Can someone please reply regarding my immediate question: why aren't I getting work?



p.s. it would be nice if there was a Joe Public, laymen-worded FAQ about the topic of not receiving new work and how to troubleshoot.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Please Add Opt-Out Option for Beta Workunits (Message 46933)
Posted 24 Sep 2007 by Nemesis
How can that possibly be adequate testing? Less than 24 hours? Get real.

Well, again, you do not have enough information. How much was changed in v5.80 as compared to the prior stable release? If there were only a couple lines of code changed, and they pertained to an energy calculation which you confirmed required revision, how much testing would be "adequate"?

...and again, the main problem seems to have been with specific type of work, not with the Rosetta version.

I thought every new type WU was also supposed to be tested on Ralph before being released to the Rosetta masses.

I doubt that whatever these new WUs are could have been tested sufficiently with the new app in less than 24 hours, with the few folks that run Ralph.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : "Sneaker-netting" Rosetta: Quad to Laptop (Message 45284)
Posted 23 Aug 2007 by Nemesis
Haul that puppy into the library, load it up, and take it home again :)

My Dell 9200 Q6600 quadcore arrived today.

Long story short, the only internet access I will have for the next two weeks is via my laptop at the local library.

Once or twice before when I've lost internet access, I've tried unsuccessfully to "sneaker-net" my AMD desktop results to the laptop, and bring the laptop to internet access.

To potentially gain two weeks of 100% Rosetta crunching on a quadcore, I'm willing to try one more time.

If anyone can suggest how I can use a laptop and flash drive to get an isolated quadcore to run Rosetta workunits, I'm game.

Worst that can happen is it doesn't work, and Rosie has to wait two more weeks for my RAC to start increasing again.

Thanx in advance.

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Merging accounts (Message 45268)
Posted 22 Aug 2007 by Nemesis
When I first signed up here, I assumed that boinc would be your average braindead software, so I made one account for each of my computers. Is there a way to merge those accounts into one?

If you used different emails for each account, then NO.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Why no R@h work downloading? I also run SETI (Message 45246)
Posted 21 Aug 2007 by Nemesis
Since the Einstein@home work units started taking over 60 hours of cpu time, I now only run SETI and Rosetta. Last week when the SETI project went down due to some server problem, all my computers did was Rosetta. Then SETI comes back after a few days of downtime and the problem of Rosetta not getting any new work began. I guess the B in BOINC being Berkeley should tip us off that SETI has priority over who gets what.

It's working exactly as designed, and not some devious scheme by the SETI folks.

Simply stated, while you were only crunching Rosetta last week, you were building up crunching debt owed to SETI. Until that debt is paid off by crunching SETI WUs, it will not download Rosetta WUs to process.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.76 (Message 45245)
Posted 21 Aug 2007 by Nemesis
Odd. "Show Computers" only shows 3 PCs active on your account since May and none of the current results show any with errors. All completed results show as successful. Where are these errors you're reporting?

I've been getting this error on all 5 PCs[1073741819(0xC0000005)], More WUs have succeeded than errored out of course, Some PCs have updated graphics drivers(PC1 & PC2), Some don't(PC3-5), Some are overclocked to the max(PC2, PC4 & PC5), One is overclocked less(PC1) and One is at stock speed(PC3), 4 use XP x64 and a Native x64 Boinc Client(Crunch3r's Boinc, over Boinc 5.9.11 for XP x64) and 1 uses XP Pro and a Native x32 Boinc Client(Boinc 5.9.11 for XP Pro/2000), All Boincs are as updated as I feel is needed at present and the systems worked fine under Seti, I can only guess that since all 5 are using the same 32bit Beta Rosetta application namely:

rosetta@home rosetta_beta version 576

That It might be related to 5.76 somehow and I'm no scientist or programmer, Just a guy who runs PCs that I built Myself(Networked too, Self taught on the Networking, 27 years of computer usage and two computer courses in the early 80's in Basic and Computers[So I know the inner workings of a computer and understand the terms too, But then I've used 7 different OSes since then in 4 different types of computers up to the present time]). But then I'm pretty comfortable with computers and always have been for some reason.

On top of that I'm down to 3 WUs on PC1(1:20:00 almost)[XP x64],
PC2 has about 1.5 days[XP Pro],
PC3 has a little over 17 hours of work[XP x64],
PC4 has about 1.5 days and[XP x64],
PC5 has about 3.5 days[XP x64].

Is there anyway I can get an earlier version of 5.76 or is this less error prone than the earlier versions of the app or am I stuck with this until a newer version comes out?

Oh and I sweep My PCs for adware/spyware/malware and keep My AV software upto date.

The PCs stay pretty cool too, 4 use Vigor Monsoon II cpu coolers and 1 uses an XP120 & a 120mm cpu fan(PC2).

12) Message boards : Number crunching : two upgrades to R@H needed (Message 44389)
Posted 27 Jul 2007 by Nemesis
PM would be useful :D

NOT until the opt-out option (defaulted to NO) is available!

Just wait for Misfit and company to start spamming everyone to join their teams.

Discussion of PMs and lack of opt-in/out. Currently the only way to opt out is to put someone on "ignore", but that will require you to receive an unwanted PM before you can put the sender on ignore, which is the same ignore for forum messages.
13) Questions and Answers : Windows : System with Deepfreeze - How to save work units? (Message 44380)
Posted 27 Jul 2007 by Nemesis
I've got a couple of terminals here that we use mainly for surfing the web and basic document writing. I was hoping to run R@H on them, but the only problem is that the systems are locked by a program called DeepFreeze, which essentially restores the system to an "original state". Along with this original state is an empty work queue in BOINC.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this? Would installing BOINC to an "unfrozen" partition of the system work?

Generally DeepFreeze is installed by administrators who don't want users installing and running unauthorized software. It will remove any files written during a session when it's shut down.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Let's stand up to the -1 moron (Message 42475)
Posted 23 Jun 2007 by Nemesis
I find it interesting that you consider using a valid forum tool that is not against any forum rules to use, as something evil.

As long as the '+', '-', and 'x' icons are there for anyone to use, they should be free for anyone to use as they please. If you like a post, use the '+', if you don't, use the '-'. If administrators start to ban users who use them, it brings this project into the same category as Predictator@home, where any contrary opinion of any sort gets you an immediate ban and IP block.

If the project administrators here don't want people to use the ratings system, then remove it as other forums have done, or post a rule against using the ratings system, which will then make it meaningless to retain.

Makes me wonder who the people are that need a life....
15) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Massive Censorship at Predictor Boards! (Message 41046)
Posted 15 May 2007 by Nemesis
Pretty amazing things going on over at Predictor

Mass deletion of accounts, deleting of whole teams
read about it on boincstats
16) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Massive Censorship at Predictor Boards! (Message 40215)
Posted 2 May 2007 by Nemesis
But evidently social commentary about tolerance by our educational system of bad spelling isn't allowed.

Probably hit too close to home.
17) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Massive Censorship at Predictor Boards! (Message 40189)
Posted 2 May 2007 by Nemesis
The heck with Predictor - censorship is alive and well here also.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Claimed/granted credit (Message 39937)
Posted 27 Apr 2007 by Nemesis
My mention of cobblestones was a reference to how 100,000 cobblestones equals a TeraFlop, a well-defined computing term. And I think we all agree that credits are simply an approximation thereof. let's not escalate this into a shouting match.

Cobblestones mean absolutely NOTHING outside of BOINC. It's a BOINC invention. I can't see how it has any correlation to flops or TeraFlops.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Claimed/granted credit (Message 39924)
Posted 26 Apr 2007 by Nemesis
Excuse You!

read this:


The original name for Credits.
Named after Jeff Cobb, one of the Seti administrators.

A Cobblestone is 1/100 day of CPU Time on a Reference Computer that does:

* 1,000 double-precision MIPS based on the Whetstone Benchmark.
* 1,000 VAX MIPS based on the Dhrystone Benchmark.

Thanks for making my point. Do you *really* think that is the definition of a credit in today's BOINC world?

you tell me that this precise calculation is fictional? Thats a insult to the person who developed this measurement and spent quite a bit of time coming up with the code and math to make it all work.

I take offense at your slight/insult at another person who is putting time into looking at how linux will work with credits (even though i use windows, i have to acknowledge those who are trying to break the monolithic hold of bill gates). Read this

If your so into credits and the such and not into sharing your cpu in the name of science, then why don't you go elsewhere. I came into this project to donate my cpu time to help finding ways to get to the bottom of diseases such as cancer (my mother in law died from it) and other diseases that this project is helping to find a cure for.

Credits to me is just a way to show what I have done so far. Does credits have anything to do with anything in the real world? I don't think so. Does the results of these work units have something to with the real world? Damn straight they do.

So why are you getting all excited in a discussion about credit?

I think all the self-righteous "in it only for the science" 1%rs should have the option to turn off credit granting for their account, so they can show the world they really don't care about the credit. How many do you think would do that? I might not even run out of fingers and toes counting.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Claimed/granted credit (Message 39890)
Posted 26 Apr 2007 by Nemesis
Cobblestones are a mythical measure of something, invented by BOINC, based on some mythical machine doing some mythical task.

Claimed credits are based on an astoundingly badly written set of benchmarks that have no relation to actual performance of the box. Witness the *nix vs. Windoze battles over BOINC benchmarks.

The result is that the projects "twiddle" their credit granting schemes to conform to the megalomaniac David Anderson's pipedream about cross-project parity of credit. It's impossible, but the projects waste endless resources and energy trying to achieve it.

Cross-project credit parity is the worst concept to ever hit distributed computing. It's worthless, meaningless, and unobtainable. Sooner or later some project is just going to break out of the fold and start rewarding credits on their own terms, and to hell with the BOINC Emperor. Only then will cross-project parity truly die a deserved death, and each project will stand on it's own.

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