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Posted 15 Oct 2009 by Dan T. Morris
Now with 8 members and crunching 4 to 6 mil per Day!

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Posted 27 Jul 2006 by Dan T. Morris
Hi Penjocky,

Let me start by saying I started this project is a result of my interests in the seti@home program. But then as I looked at all of the projects that were going on, I noticed that the Rosetta project was lacking the recourses to get much done. In my heart I knew that I had the computer background and resources to help out this project. I also did some soul searching and found that to help the present problems, was more important to me than to look for ET. I feel that Projects like this may not get you much recognition if that is what you are looking for, but for me the self gratification that I may be in some way helping my fellow man is more important. I truly look forward to the new steps in medicine and technology. It also is my hopes that this technology is used to save lives in the future and not devastation. Good luck in your interviews.

Dr. Dan

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