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Posted 9 Jun 2021 by Dotsch
It's a shame, that there is no communication and announcement from the project side regarding the new application and state. For me it's no appreciation as cruncher to get no info regarding the state, and also make the project very less atractive. For me, it looks like a blind flight project.

I have lost some team mates regarding the non fixed problems with the Rosetta applicaitons, which caused some hung of there PCs. So they deinstalled BOINC.

Due this, I have decided to reduce the resource share for Rosetta and Ralph and gave the computing power to some more valuable projects.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta needs 6675.72 MB RAM: is the restriction really needed? (Message 101360)
Posted 19 Apr 2021 by Dotsch
It's very disapointing, that there is no feedback from the project to the ongoing problems and also the current science process and goals.
3) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Prioritisation of COVID-19 work units (Message 99498)
Posted 2 Nov 2020 by Dotsch
Thank you for the information.
I hoped that the project will gave us some more information, what excatly we are crunching in the moment, what COVID and other tasks are in progress, what the do with it, shortage of work units, etc. The current feeback from the project leaves a lot of room for improvement. - I can understand that they are bussy, but no feedback is no appreciation for us...
I am not really happy with some few videos and shallow twitter postings...
4) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Prioritisation of COVID-19 work units (Message 99376)
Posted 23 Oct 2020 by Dotsch
Any update, regarding the state regaring the COVID tasks?
Would be interesing to know, what's going on.

It's very sad, that there is no update from the project side.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 93218)
Posted 3 Apr 2020 by Dotsch

Every task finishes after a few seconds with computation error. I've stopped taking new work for now and tasked the machine onto another project.

I think the project must fix this.

For me as workaround, it helped to get only Mini Rosetta work by limiting memory in BOINC manager abput 700 mb.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 93165)
Posted 3 Apr 2020 by Dotsch
I got 100% error rate witht the rosetta 4.12 application on macOS 10.14. All WUs error out with signal 4 (SIGILL / illegal instruction):
process got signal 4</message>


I guess a failure in the new application...

Edit: Memory was limited to 50% (=4 GB) and CPU throtteling is used.
7) Message boards : News : Rosetta's role in fighting coronavirus (Message 92268)
Posted 25 Mar 2020 by Dotsch
Thank you very much for this detailed descriptions!
8) Message boards : News : Rosetta's role in fighting coronavirus (Message 92200)
Posted 24 Mar 2020 by Dotsch
Yes, try to keep in mind that these are the folks (the R@h Project Team at University of Washington) that have been trying to prepare for this day of pandemic for decades. They have been developing tools that are used in research organizations across the globe to create accurate computer models of various diseases and potential vaccines or treatments. Joining the project is both serving the robetta queue of work coming in from labs across the world, and facilitating the research done at UW.

Without tools like Rosetta to analyze a novel virus, any search for a solution would be delayed by all of the time required to physically isolate these things in the lab, and eventually perform x-ray spectroscopy, which then has to be interpreted either by hand, or with tools like Rosetta to see the underlying structure of the virus that you must devise a binder to.

Thank you Mod.Sense for the update.
Could you please describe more detailed, what we are calculating with the current COVID-19 batches? What are the goals?
I would also very happy, if the project give a statement or update about the current science.
9) Message boards : News : Rosetta's role in fighting coronavirus (Message 92115)
Posted 21 Mar 2020 by Dotsch
From the form post and tweets, for me the situation relating COVID-19 work is not clear.
Is there in the moment any COVID-19 related work in progress?
What exactlly will be processed by Rosetta?
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Diskless cruncher. (Message 71441)
Posted 19 Oct 2011 by Dotsch
I have made a special Linux Distribution(Dotsch/UX) for BOINC, which boots from USB sticks and also has build in tools to setup a server to boot and run diskless clients ofer network.
11) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : HPC - Beowulf and Rosetta (Message 69557)
Posted 31 Jan 2011 by Dotsch
BOINC does not support HPC. Several years ago I played a little bit with Beowolf. But it was not the right for BOINC.

I think a better way is to setup a diskless cluster, if you only would like to use the cluster for BOINC. For example Dotsch/UX has a build in diskless client support to boot and operate several systems from one server over network, or also from a USB stick(for each system).
12) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Itanium aka IA64 client for Linux (Message 69063)
Posted 9 Jan 2011 by Dotsch
Eventualy you can let it Rosetta run within the ia32 emulation of the IA64 CPU. But not shure, if this work and has also a good performance.
Some backgrounds :
I guess, I have to try this...

Otherwise, SETI and SIMAP are the only projects in the moment, which has Linux IA64 binaires.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta CASP9 push challenges (Message 66393)
Posted 1 Jun 2010 by Dotsch
How long does CASP9 last?

From, CASP started in the first May week, and will run about 4 month.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta CASP9 push challenges (Message 66388)
Posted 31 May 2010 by Dotsch
To push CASP9, I have created two challenges on BOINCstats.
Team founders has got to register the complete teams for the challenges.

Challenge dates :
2010-06-10 00:15 till 2010-06-17 00:00
2010-06-24 00:15 till 2010-07-01 00:00
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released (Message 65621)
Posted 22 Mar 2010 by Dotsch
Now this is something I'm interested in. Thanks.

I have used an earlier release and it works just fine! I am not into Linux enough though to use the Server version yet, although I would love to.

The diskless server and client setup is not very difficult. You need some basic knowledge about networking, TCP/IP and IT.

From the standard HDD installation are only some more points look pay attention. Specailly a separate filesystem for /diskless and, and the recommendations for the DHCP server (single DHCP per physical network - eventually you have got to disable the DHCP server on the DSL router or make an additional separate network for the diskless clients and server. But there is some documentation about this on the website available...

The server setup is also simple. Some IP/subnet configs, DHCP IP ranges, DNS server and default GW must been specified. - The installer would do the rest of all configs and setup a master for the architecture of the CD you have inserted.
After the setup it's possible to add a different architecture via a installer tool. - So the server can host i386 and x64 diskless clients.
The diskless client installer requires the MAC address via auto detection or manual input and the architecture of the diskless client.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Dotsch/UX 1.2 released (Message 65605)
Posted 21 Mar 2010 by Dotsch
Today I have released Dotsch/UX 1.2.

Dotsch/UX is a Linux distribution for BOINC which easily installs and boot from a USB stick, hard disk and from diskless clients and also has some interfaces to setup the diskless server and the clients automatically.

For more informations have a look at

New features in 1.2 :
• Build in NVIDIA CUDA support, a additional tool to enable and check the NVIDIA CUDA support.
• Persistent Live CD mode for testing the distribution as Live CD and store the data on a USB stick/disk
• Automated and semiautomatic backup of the BOINC client data and some other OS data
• Included Ganglia for performance monitoring of the Dotsch/UX Grids
• Pre Installed BOINC client 6.10.17
• Removed a lot of unneeded packages in the x86 and x64 distribution
• A lot of bug fixes and enhancements

Special thanks to all the peoples which supported and helped to make the new distribution possible !
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Make Boinc a standard on operating systems... (Message 64800)
Posted 4 Jan 2010 by Dotsch
Is Dotsch/UX ( the direction you would like to have ?

I will give it a try tonight. Is source available?

Yes, it's a complete Linux (Ubuntu based) distribution specialy for BOINC.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Make Boinc a standard on operating systems... (Message 64794)
Posted 4 Jan 2010 by Dotsch

If I had more programming experiance in low level languages, I would try to write an OS just for BOINC projects. Mainly because several other tasks run within current os's while boinc gets the majority of resources. I would take the old pc's I have in storage and run those oses on them, maybee make a solor dedicated power supply to run them 24-7-365.

Is Dotsch/UX ( the direction you would like to have ?

I've also tried to find other platform software for PSP/PS3/XBox/etc... to run BOINC, without much success.

Yes. PS3 and Xbox are very special cases. The Xbox due M$ propertary and the PS3 due the Cell CPU architecture. The cell architecture requires a complete rewriting of the code for the cell CPU to utilize the full potential.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Make Boinc a standard on operating systems... (Message 64777)
Posted 4 Jan 2010 by Dotsch
Also, what do you intend to do with those operating systems for which no BOINC version is available?

BOINC is available for the most important OS. Only for some very exotic OSes are no binaries available. Have a look at the BOINC third party site
20) Message boards : Number crunching : IBM z900 for Crunching (Message 64754)
Posted 3 Jan 2010 by Dotsch
SETI is the only project which has applications for zOS.

But, the Linux ran at the zSeries is a special architecture. Linux x86 binaries does not ran on Linux for zSeries. Simliar with the GPU, a special customisation would been required.

The zSeries was build for throughtput not for crunching performance. The Cell CPU boards are thought to shift out crunching tasks to the Cell CPUs.

I think, to invest this money into PCs would get a lot of better BOINC crunchers, and consumes a lot of less power.

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