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Posted 31 Jan 2011 by BILL
<snippage has occurred> Now a days we users do have an 'investment' in a project and we are 'involved' in the outcome of the research! When the project admins understand this fundamental change in our thinking, their communications towards us will change. I think it might even take a whole ton of people leaving a project due to a problem before projects 'get it', but in the end they will 'get it'. The project admins think of the project as 'their baby', but if 'their baby' suddenly died due to their lack of acknowledging the users need for simple communications, they might rethink things.

Here's some shocking news for you. You are never going to see a Boinc project die because all the crunchers up and quit because they didn't get the "stroking" they thought deserved. Most crunchers don't care if there is an outage as long as it gets fixed and repeated reports saying "We're working on it." aren't necessary. There are crunchers out there that don't even know their machines are still running Boinc projects.

The project managers are fully aware that it's only a small vocal percentage that complain about not having their hands held and their leaving would not be a problem. There are a few that would probably wish the complainers bon voyage because the number that they do have is straining the equipment/system to the point of repeated failures. Milkyway@home comes to mind.

So don't trot out that "if we don't get what we want we'll all quit" argument. The project admins know it's not going to happen, it's childish, and you're just embarrassing yourself.

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