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Posted 31 Aug 2015 by bk.newton09
I just noticed this. If any of you see issues with our servers etc, please feel free to email me directly at dekim at u dot washington dot edu. I sent a trouble ticket to our sys admins and am waiting for a response. It looks like a couple of our servers are unresponsive and is highly likely due to the power outage we had this weekend here in Seattle due to wind storms. The lab\'s FoldIt project has also been affected.

One question I would have is how can any major university have IT systems without UPS capability and diesel or natural gas generators to keep the IT infrastructure resilient due to short term outages. Even if the outage was lengthy, they would be able to perform a soft shutdown to preserve all data and make the restart an easier task to complete once the mains are flowing.

Am I off base with this? That infrastructure is not that expensive so should be in place to support computing capabilities.

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