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Posted 25 Jan 2008 by csbyseti
Ended by watchdog, and running beyond their runtime target are two rather different things.

I think i\'ll mean the same as FalconFly.
The 2h4o - WU\'s have got a Problem. I restartet one WU on the Quad, CPU-time jumps down to 1h:xx (last working Checkpoint?) and seems to be running. Finished with wrong CPU-Time of 11337 sec (3h:8) but with Heartbeat-error.

On the X2 the CPU-Time jumps down to 0h:0x after restart (from 6h:59), seems to run but dont work anymore until the watchdog will stop it. This WU would konsum 4x3h + 6h:59 = 19h of CPU-Time.
If such a WU will be stopped and restarted because of the Scheduler and resets the CPU-Time it will be a never ending loop.
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Posted 24 Jan 2008 by csbyseti
See my Post above. Its not a Problem with the target runtime, i\'ve got 3 cut off by watchdog and the fourth is aktuell running (only a pic in the native Window, nothing else).
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Posted 24 Jan 2008 by csbyseti
seems to have an Problem. Got 3 of them with the same problem.

# cpu_run_time_pref: 10800
# random seed: 1755374
Rosetta score is stuck or going too long. Watchdog is ending the run!
CPU time: 46787.2 seconds. Greater than 4X preferred time: 10800 seconds
GZIP SILENT FILE: .\\xx2h4o.out


Shutdown by watchdog because of long run time.
Should all of the 2h4o WU\'s deleted?
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Why is the Rosetta Version 4.83 not functioning? (Message 13089)
Posted 5 Apr 2006 by csbyseti
Hello @All,

this is my first thread in english, even by Rosetta and i don\'t know if this is the correct Forum for my Problem.

I\'ve the problem that the Rosetta client won\'t work correctly on my maschines. The W98 Clients won\'t work correctly, but also the WXP Client produces errors.

This is the W98 Client i am writing this tread. This Maschine works. The client seems to be working but often the Cpu-Counter will not count (opening the grafik screen will show many caculations, but no CPU-Time). But the WU is displayed as completed with 2-3 hours runtime.
So Wu-Time is zero, granted Credit is zero.

But the maschines are working without errors, and spend CPU-Time for not working WU\'s.

Please put my \'question\' in the right \'forum\', i am not shure that i have fetch the right one.

The numbers of failures i\'ve get in the last week are so big that the only solving will be \'don\'t do some calculation for rosetta\'.


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