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Posted 26 May 2007 by Udo

...the mentioned memory consumption (> 1GB) on my PC was with WU:
and the 2 WUs wich aborted on my notebook were:

now I got a new WU for my PC which only needs 245 MB!

-> seems to be not a problem with app 4.67 itself, but anyway BOINC is not honoring my memory setting (use only 75% of VM).
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.67 (Message 41472)
Posted 26 May 2007 by Udo
Has anyone else gotten any "Compute Errors"???

See this Result 82335059

the current unit on my result page also appears to have a computational error, I just haven't updated yet...

I got this error yesterday evening when I attached my laptop (512 MB main memory) to rosetta.
I also noticed an windows message box stating that the page file is exhausted and can not be enlarged ( I always run windows with a fixed page file - in this case 1 GB - to prevent windows from scattering the page file on my harddisk)
At this moment rosetta 4.67 tried to allocate more than 1.3 GB of memory.
The error message was the same as yours.

This morning I noticed that my tower pc (1GB of main memory and 750 MB of fixed size page file) was reacting slowly to other programms.
In task manager I noticed that rosetta had allocated 1.2 GB of memory and the system was under (memory) stress.

This large amount of memory usage explains all the described symptoms in this thread (except the x0c5 dump).
- systems without fixed size page file notice exessive harddisk activity
- increasing / allocating the page file on the harddisk
- swapping other applications to and from the pagefile into main memory

-> why is the memory requirement with 4.67 so high?
is it an error, or is this related to the current set of WUs?

[Edit] corrected some typo errors...

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