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41) Message boards : Number crunching : Are You Hardcore Rosetta? (Message 20008)
Posted 10 Jul 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Recent illnesses in my wife's family and an article on CNN, and here I am 100% Rosetta.

Any other project look like it is worthwile? Yes. But I am just going to stick around Rosetta for a while and see where it goes.

IMHO any project dealing with biological problems and/or searching for cures is a worthwhile project. Similar projects are:


A good point to start you search is here
42) Message boards : Number crunching : CAMPIONI DEL MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VIVA L' ITALIA!!!!!!!!!! (Message 19967)
Posted 9 Jul 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Viva l 'Italia.

A pretty boring final, divers won the world cup, and a world class player has a huge blackout.

It's a sad sad day for soccer :(

43) Message boards : Number crunching : ml350g4 3.2 im dauertest (Message 19185)
Posted 23 Jun 2006 by Profile scsimodo
...I would upgrade to at Least 2048mb of ram. That shortage of ram is hindering your performance.

May be so, but the project's guideline is now only 256MB. And we should read that as being 256MB per active WU. So the 1024MB should be fine for Rosetta.

Especially if you consider, that there's only one OS running and not four! There's more RAM left for each CPU than on 4 single-CPU-machines

44) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : 'i686-apple-darwin' not found (Message 18557)
Posted 13 Jun 2006 by Profile scsimodo

Is there any new news on this?

Yes, there is news! Rosetta supports Intel Macs since last weekend. No severe problems on my Mac Mini Core Duo...

45) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Problems with Rosetta Version 5.22 (Message 18525)
Posted 12 Jun 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Had a few WUs crashing when hitting the "show graphics" button. The window popped up, closed immediately and trashed the WU. The Wus are:


Host list is unhidden, host is a Mac Mini Core Duo, 1,66Ghz, 2GB RAM. Please drop a short notice when I can hide my hosts again...

What's strange is: hitting the "show graphics" button a few minutes before worked perfectly, seems to be a random problem...

46) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta for Intel Mac Mini? (Message 18008)
Posted 7 Jun 2006 by Profile scsimodo
We ordered an intel mac and are expecting to get it soon. Once we have it, we will start supporting intel macs.

This is really GREAT news!!
Is it possible to enable some optimizations (SSEx, if helpful)? All Intel Macs are capable to do SSE2 (or even SSE3?). Should boost the whole thing...

Will this client app be first released on RALPH?
47) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta for Intel Mac Mini? (Message 17941)
Posted 7 Jun 2006 by Profile scsimodo
I thought BOINC was open source.

Am I able to compile the client myslef?

The Boinc core client is open source, there already is an universal binary.
The Rosetta application is closed source, so we have to wait until an universal binary is released.

In the meantime you can crunch Seti or Einstein they are Mac-Intel ready.
48) Message boards : Number crunching : Major User and Host increase!? (Message 17771)
Posted 6 Jun 2006 by Profile scsimodo
I noticed a major User and Host increase the last day.
Is this a bug or is this for real!?
Credit's seem to have risen as well.

Maybe it's the first result of the Seti@Home boycott. A whole bunch of people seem to stop Seti and starting other projects.
49) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta for Intel Mac Mini? (Message 14770)
Posted 27 Apr 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Where would I find this project.xml file? I've done a search and can't find it on my computer.

These instructions are for the project staff to configure their server properly. As a user you don't have to change anything except for waiting for an Intel-Mac version of Rosetta. Once it's available the Boinc client will download it automaticaly.

50) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta for Intel Mac Mini? (Message 14183)
Posted 20 Apr 2006 by Profile scsimodo
I've got the beta version of BOINC V5.3.31 running on my system, but I can't get any Rosetta work. When I try to update the Rosetta project, I get a "Message from server: platform 'i686-apple-darwin' not found" message. Any suggestions? I'm getting Seti work units fine. For those curious about why I'm not using BOINC 5.3.13 because it doesn't run very well on the new Intel Macs.

AFAIK there's no Rosetta client for Intel-Macs available yet. I'm also impatiently waiting.

Einstein and Seti are ATM the only projects that support Intel-Macs. Seti works pretty fine but Einstein takes WAY to much time per WU (about 7 hrs on my Mac Mini , 1:20 hrs under Windows on the same machine).

So we just have to sit and wait for a Rosetta-Client...

51) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : How can we bring more users to the Rosetta project? (Message 12104)
Posted 16 Mar 2006 by Profile scsimodo

My idea for spreading R@H, or even other boinc projects, is to get someone involved who interacts with a lot of computer owners who wouldn't otherwise hear about boinc, let alone have the experience to install it.

That's what participants want (at least me):

1. Stability: Make the apps stable and rock solid. Not everyone likes to micro manage his/her Boinc clients (I do :)). Some of them have data centers that would crunch for rosetta. But they need the clients to be the "fire and forget" way. Start it and don't bother about it any more. Still not possible with Rosetta due to some showstoppers in the client.

2. Feedback: Tell the crunchers what's going on, what comes next, what are the goals and keep them informed about the progress. This is already on the way with the daily status report. But: the more informaton the better it is

3. Communication: People have questions/problems they ask in the forum. Answer them or at least try to do that. Give the crunchers the feeling that they are needed and part of the project and not just some cpu cycle donators (did anyone mention Predictor? SCNR :))

4. People like to know about their contribution to the project and most of them NOW. I'd love to see a feature that shows my results in a map like that of the top predictions right after delivering/validating my result. Or show us a comparison of the calculated result against the top result to date in the screensaver. Or something else that allows some kind of competition.

5. Keep people interested in the project AND the research behind it. Explain complex things in a way one can understand it without being a doctor in biology/chemistry

6. Make the client an universal binary for OSX. Almost no one needs this except me :-)) If not I'll have to switch to Einstein with one machine, it seems they already have one

As I can see, there are tons of alternative systems out there. Why not releasing a Solaris/BSD or maybe AIX client? Pretty powerful machines in most cases...

David Baker mentioned he needs ten times the computing power Rosetta has today. Way to go me thinks, competition between BOINC projects is steadily growing, the admins must begin to advertise for their project. The best/most interesting/most promising project (from user's perspective) wins!

BTW: Rosetta is IMHO one of the most interesting Boinc projects. At least it makes more sense than searching for little green man or a ten million digit prime number :)

52) Message boards : Number crunching : Report stuck & aborted WU here please (Message 10494)
Posted 6 Feb 2006 by Profile scsimodo

stuck at 1% after 10 hours, aborted it manually
53) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Maximum CPU Time Exceeded WU HERE (Message 10101)
Posted 28 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Next one for me:

percent completed: somewhere around 90% (guessed)

Please shorten the WUs, I already crunchend nearly 50 Hours for nothing, thats about 600 Credits!!

54) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Maximum CPU Time Exceeded WU HERE (Message 10006)
Posted 27 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Just found two of them

Percent complete unknown.

55) Message boards : Number crunching : Who is the official tech here (Message 9494)
Posted 21 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo

If I understand you fellows correctly, you want to contribute to life-science projects. If this is the case, you could also join the WCG Human Proteome Folding (HPF), which is applying the Rosetta software on the human genome (you'll be running the same software like here, just a couple minor versions back i.e. v4.22 rather than v4.8x here and btw it has worked very smoothly, not a single hiccup sofar).

Simple answer? No!
Tried 5 Minutes to get information about BOINC and how to join. No luck!
Why using Rosetta 4.22 when I can help improving Rosetta 4.8x? Strange project, if you ask me
56) Message boards : Number crunching : Who is the official tech here (Message 9489)
Posted 20 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo

I don`t want 10% of anything else on my machines I have no faith in them or interest. A lot of us feel it`s Rosetta or the end of DC for us. I do not want my fellow team mates temporarily subbed out to another project where they may get cosy and not come back either. I`ve seen it happen a lot over 5 years.

Well, I understand that you want to crunch for one project only. But that's not always possibe. Some projects have downtimes (e.g. Server upgrades) up to one week, some projects have downtimes (announced) 4-6 weeks (LHC).

I would like to see a BOINC feature that does:

1. Get WU for project x
2. crunch for project x
3. if WU queue is empty an no new work available
4. get ONE WU from project y
5. goto 1

I think this would fit your needs (mine too). But that's a BOINC problem, not Rosetta's.

57) Message boards : Number crunching : Who is the official tech here (Message 9486)
Posted 20 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo
Good to hear scsi but some of don`t want to look for aliens, or predict or find stardust.

Agreed, but BOINC consists of more than a dozen project. I guess there's at least one for you (and your team members/friends) that's worth a 10% share.

Communication is the key to everything. We are looking for a good way to communicate so we are informed and so are the scientist. You`ll note we said we wanted an area from them where we couldn`t reply, this was so their stuff remained clearly so everyone could see.

I'll think you agree that Rosetta is a project with the most communicative admins. They know about the issues the project has and are behind them. What to expect more? Their staff is limited, so it takes some time. IMHO no need to repeat the problems again and again.

Whilst you have never run out of work I have guys with 30 & 40 + host farms who have, so excuse us if we don`t say Scsi is alright it doesn`t matter.

See above, there MUST be an interesting project for everyone that woth a 10% share. No host must be out of work. OK, if two projects fail at the same time there's no work. Well... shit happens...

If you are fed up with the ranting, don`t come it`s that easy. We are just trying to sort out what we see are problems.

Agreed again, but what you see as problems has been reported and discussed a few times. Again, the admins know about that and are working on it

You are of course like everyone else entitled to an opinion, I respect yours though I may not agree.

I respect your opinion, too. But give the admins time to solve this issues. Behind the scenes they have LOTS of additional work to do. Just be patient until things sort out.

BTW: Even if Rosetta seems to have problems now. I think it will be a great project in the future (if not THE greatest among all other BOINC projects). I guess you'll agree, carl.h! Sorry, that I don't follow you suggestion to leave, I'll stick with Rosetta. And at least one fallback project :-))

58) Message boards : Number crunching : Who is the official tech here (Message 9482)
Posted 20 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo
59) Message boards : Number crunching : Who is the official tech here (Message 9476)
Posted 20 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo

I left Rosetta (for a while) because 20 out of 30+ machines were out of work yesterday morning....

Why do so many people complain about the "no work from project" message? There's more work out there we can crunch in the foreseeable future. BOINC ist designed for multi project use, so why don't you simply attach a fallback project with a 10% share? It's a matter of minutes and your hosts will never be idle again..

I'm fed up with this ranting! Let the admins do their work to improve the project an don't steal their time with non-existant problems. They know about the "no work" message and try to solve this issue (among others)

I can't believe that there are grown-up people complaining about the board layout and subforums. This is ridiculous!!

BTW: I never ran out of Rosetta-WUs. Sure, I got the no work message but with my 1 day cache my hosts always had at least 1 Rosetta WU.
60) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Bottleneck and Results (Message 9256)
Posted 18 Jan 2006 by Profile scsimodo

And lastly, how many credits per day do we need? The answer, for better or for worse, is MORE! The current runs are all on proteins less than 85 amino acids, and searching is a problem. The size of the space that needs to be searched grows exponentially with length (number of amino acids), and many proteins are over 200 amino acids long--we do not have a reliable estimate of how long searching these spaces would take, and I would hesitate to even start at this until we are at current SETI levels or above.

Also, we have yet to start our HIV vaccine design and other disease related work on BOINC -- when these calculations kick in we will be even more cpu limited.

Would it be an option to compile a special Rosetta version with CPU optimizations (e.g. SSE2), put it somewhere on your HP and let people download and manually install it?

Would speed up crunching a lot, I guess...

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