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Posted 12 Jan 2011 by JohnMacPherson
i Try reading the front page when there are problems:
Jan 7, 2010
Well, our luck ran out. The SAN controller that has been causing so much trouble in the last few months finally tipped over in a rather distructive fashion, corrupting the binary tree on which the filesystem is based. We're trying to rebuild the thing but the sheer number of files in the filesystem (> 10M files) makes this process very, very slow. We're bringing the project up from a recent backup (12/09/10) but the backup wasn't a perfect replica of the environment, so we're having to scramble to get all the parts working together again. We only need a few more weeks and then our new, next generation SAN will be ready to be put into place... I just thought the old one would last a few more week. I apologize for the hassle and appreciate your patience as we get things online again... KEL 01/07/11 /i

Guy, this might do for a database engineer, but, some of us have a life and are just attempting to help the projects out. Perhaps, if they had said something like "things will be screwed up for the next weeks due to computer problems. It will be fixed in February". Then perhaps give a detailed explanation.

Remember the old KISS principal, it does apply here.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Anyone else having trouble uploading results? (Message 69201)
Posted 11 Jan 2011 by JohnMacPherson
I have 9 WU waiting to upload for several days now. I've read most of this thread but fail to see when or if the system will be fixed.

11/01/2011 6:37:36 PM | rosetta@home | Project file upload handler is missing

This is message I'm getting, any ideas if I can fix it on my end??

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