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Posted 7 Sep 2020 by Profile gBaker
I'm having a similar issue. Seems like one or two tasks keeps using as much memory as it can. It typically starts with normal behavior, then suddenly memory usage starts climbing fast at a linear rate of about 10GB per minute. If no memory limit is set for boinc, memory usage increases it hits the 32GB limit in my system (and quickly burns through swap). Then memory usage crashes back down to normal (about 12GB). If I set a memory limit, it would generally just suspend the task as "waiting for memory" (which leaves a core and a chunk of memory unavailable to other boinc tasks)

Sometimes it will behave normally a few minutes and sometimes it immediately starts another cycle of fast increase in usage, then immediately falling back to normal once it fills memory.

In my case, the problem workunits that have popped up while writing this are some variation on q1RftdTf_fold_and_dock. (This wasn't the only problem workunit, just the one that happened to be causing problems at this moment)
Here are links to one of the tasks that seemed to be causing the problem (which I aborted)

I'm currently running Rosetta on two computers, but only one of them seems to be running into this issue (at least at the current moment):

The other computer seems to be running a non-overlapping set of tasks, so I don't know whether or not it would experience the problem given the same tasks.

This isn't really a major issue for me, but I'm assuming it's not intended behavior.

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