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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Drastic increase in completion time (Message 66951)
Posted 19 Jul 2010 by zpm
It doesn't sound like it is getting any CPU time. Are other things running?

Select the task in the tasks tab of the advanced view, then click properties. What does it show for CPU time?

sounds like you got a program running in the background eating up resources..

Edit: May i ask, how much Cpu do you have dedicated to the boinc to use?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Minirosetta 2.00 (Message 63986)
Posted 9 Nov 2009 by zpm
Did the disk space requirements for this new version change? I'm getting:
09-Nov-2009 09:09:12 [rosetta@home] Message from server: No work sent
09-Nov-2009 09:09:12 [rosetta@home] Message from server: There was work but you don't have enough disk space allocated.
09-Nov-2009 09:09:12 [rosetta@home] Message from server: An additional 8 MB is needed.

Disk tab in BoincMgr only says 10.2 MB used by BOINC, even after resetting the project. How much space needs to be free to run the project?

set the limit to 1 GB....
3) Message boards : Number crunching : New FERMI GPU, 4x more cores, more memory (Message 63590)
Posted 4 Oct 2009 by zpm

and to think I'm having trouble understanding linear algebra in college :S

college algebra is tough, maybe you and i should hook up and see what/where we are... my quarter just began.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : New FERMI GPU, 4x more cores, more memory (Message 63587)
Posted 4 Oct 2009 by zpm
Here's a nice article talking about why protein folding is an important and challenging field of study and how some are using GPUs for such atomic modeling.

Probing Biomolecular Machines with Graphics Processors.
(be sure to click the settings item on the menu bar to format to a readable size)

Drugdiscovery@home is in the progress of trying to get gpu's ati and nvidia working and hopefully Multi-thread like aqua@home has, but it's a slow work in progress with 1 man doing 95% of the work, ageless is working on the ati app....

if your interested in helping us, pm me for invite code.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Minirosetta Version 1.71 (Message 61473)
Posted 30 May 2009 by zpm
I have restarted the client, and that has fixed it.

this issue also popped of wu's needing more space up at dd@h (drugdiscovery) but it was server side related.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : 100 Teraflops (Message 60876)
Posted 28 Apr 2009 by zpm

Users 241,757
46,305 active
Hosts 722,654
83,452 active

not a lot of active users and hosts but i guess it'll have to do.

i've only got 2 of my pcs running rosseta and my laptop is currently doing a cpdn wu... after that's done, i have that laptop on 3 projects.... Milkyway, Rosseta, and VTU@home.

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