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Posted 3 Nov 2010 by Phantom Pumpkin
Do you mean a PowerPC G4?

I am not sure why you got the message about memory, but the Rosetta Mini application does not currently support PowerPC processors, so you won't be able to receive most of the current work units.

The older Rosetta Beta 5.98 application does support PowerPC technology, but it is only used for experiments not currently supported by the Mini version. There is some Beta work sometimes but it seems to produce only a small batch of tasks every few months.

If you leave the G4 computer linked to Rosetta then I expect you will eventually get some work, but it might be quite a while.

Thanks for the answer. Yeah, the PowerPC G4 is what I was referring to. Do you know if they are planning any sort of backwards compatibility for it?

Looks like Im stuck on SETI@Home for the moment.
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Posted 2 Nov 2010 by Phantom Pumpkin
Hi there,
I posted this in Mac Q/A, then I read a thread below saying to post here as most people don't read that. I am having some issues on my old G4 running R@H. I have the required system specs, but it originally told me I don't have enough memory. I upped the amount I will let BOINC use, and then it told me there is no work available(before it said there was work, but I didn't have enough memory to let it run).

Any way I can make this run?
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Posted 2 Nov 2010 by Phantom Pumpkin
Hi there. I recently tried running R@H on my older G4 imac, which according to the spec sheet should still run. It however, told me I wasn't allowing enough memory(spec sheet says 256, I gave it 460). I upped it to 100%, now it just tells me there is no work available when before it said work available, but I didn't have enough memory.

Is there some way around this so I can use my old computer to run R@H? I much prefer this to Foldathome.


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