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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No Work for PPC? (Message 59809)
Posted 26 Feb 2009 by kh
Since Rosetta@home really doesn't support the Mac/PPC architecture any more, I respectfully request that you update this page by removing the reference to supporting the Mac OS X PPC architecture:

This is one of the first pages people interested in BOINC are likely to see and what a waste of time it could be for them trying to get work on a project that doesn't support their machine. The message posted in the BOINC Manager doesn't imply that work will never be available.

For the record, I haven't processed many Rosetta@home work units but my G5 sure chews through the ones I did get faster than an Intel machine on the same network (the Intel machine is faster in MHz than the PPC, too). PPC didn't look to be at a disadvantage at all in this project.

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