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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Minirosetta v1.47 bug thread. (Message 58748)
Posted 12 Jan 2009 by slre
A link to slre's task, it ran for over 40 hours! So, yes, clearly the watchdog should have ended it.

Robert, I don't believe the watchdog is dependant upon the BOINC task switching. On the other hand, it's not constantly checking either.

Thanks for that; a) I didn't know you could link to aborted taks; b) it made my case better than I did and c) thanks for confirming there's a genuine problem.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Minirosetta v1.47 bug thread. (Message 58738)
Posted 11 Jan 2009 by slre
I'm seeing the diminishing returns problem regularly. The progress for tasks is good for the first 70-80%, then progress gets slower and slower. Yesterday I aborted a task that had taken 30 hours to go from 97 to 99.5% after taking under 12 hours to get to 97%.
The following taks is going the same way:
After 3 hours it was reporting 70% complete; it is now at 98.8% after 13.5 hours.

My main complaint is not that the tasks can overrun - though that is clearly a problem, it is reported previously - but that I thought the target cpu time included a threshold (3*target cpu time?) that terminated an overruning task. Minirosetta is clearly ignoring this if it's set, as my target time is set to 4 hours.

Is minirosetta supposed to act on target cpu time? If it is, why isn't it?

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