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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta Mini with new score terms bug thread (Message 56580)
Posted 1 Nov 2008 by Yin Gang
Just finished one WU of this kind:


ERROR: in::file::zip does not exist!
ERROR:: Exit from: line: 74
called boinc_finish

2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Rosetta@home Web Site Translations (Message 19026)
Posted 21 Jun 2006 by Yin Gang
Hi David,

The zh_CN.po is almost finished except some items from the page I mentioned in previous post. Most translations came from this site which we've made a few months ago.

By the way, how should we pass the fully/partial translated PO file to you?

Best regards,
Yin Gang
3) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Rosetta@home Web Site Translations (Message 18954)
Posted 20 Jun 2006 by Yin Gang
Hi David,

I found it's very difficult for me to understand most of the information in this page. IMO, only good understanding can lead to good translation. So is it possible to rewrite some parts of this page with less professsion terms and less long sentences? (while more normal-people-can-understand words and more short sentences are highly welcomed~~)

Best Regards,
Yin Gang
4) Message boards : Number crunching : The gui_url tag in the account_***_rosetta.xml (Message 11326)
Posted 24 Feb 2006 by Yin Gang
According to the corresponding files of other BOINC projects, "Your account" should link to "" and the "" should be the URL of the "Account summary".
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Help us solve the 1% bug! (Message 10692)
Posted 12 Feb 2006 by Yin Gang
This WU ( was stuck at 1% (step 21669) for more than 4 hours, then after restarting the manager the wu was stuck at 1% again (step 23100). So I followed the guide to run the application in the cmd.exe and the progress went to 10% after 23 minutes.

rosetta_4.81_windows_intelx86.exe xx 1fna _ -output_silent_gz -silent -increase_cycles 10 -new_centroid_packing -nstruct 10 -constant_seed -jran 918021

I've encoutered many other WUs costing a rather long time in the first 1% but this is the first never-ending WU, so I aborted it...

Hope these would help;)

Best regards,
Yin Gang
6) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Teammember recruiting thread (No. 1) (Message 7950)
Posted 30 Dec 2005 by Yin Gang
Hi River,

I came from the biggest site in China about all those @home projects -

We adopt this kind of team names (project name followed by '@China') because:

We're also participating many other non-BOINC projects, so it's hard to select a general team name for all these project.
The '@China' style is so cool, just like '@home':)

Thanks for your advice anyway, I like your profile ;)
7) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Teammember recruiting thread (No. 1) (Message 7863)
Posted 29 Dec 2005 by Yin Gang
Welcome all Chinese all over the world to the Rosetta@China team!

You can find the team link in my signature ;)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : problem about the 'Your computers' on website (Message 1672)
Posted 24 Oct 2005 by Yin Gang
I have 4 computers for crunching with 2 of these are actually same one. This morning I merged a repeated one, then a 'Next 20' link appears right behind the computer list.
9) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Where do I report errors on the client for Rosetta? (Message 630)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by Yin Gang
Another error report from my notebook...

I started crunching R@H on the notebook which has running E@H for a long time.

Attach to Rosetta@Home...
27/09/2005 22:32:37||Sending scheduler request to
27/09/2005 22:32:37||Requesting 12960 seconds of work, returning 0 results
27/09/2005 22:32:44||Scheduler request to succeeded
27/09/2005 22:32:44|rosetta@home|New host venue: home
27/09/2005 22:32:45|rosetta@home|Started download of rosetta_4.77_windows_intelx86.exe
27/09/2005 22:32:45|rosetta@home|Started download of aa1btn_03_05.200_v1_3.gz
27/09/2005 22:34:14|rosetta@home|Finished download of aa1btn_03_05.200_v1_3.gz
27/09/2005 22:34:14|rosetta@home|Throughput 10593 bytes/sec
27/09/2005 22:34:14|rosetta@home|Started download of aa1btn_09_05.200_v1_3.gz

Switch from "Run always" to "Run based on Preferences"...
27/09/2005 22:35:37||Suspending computation and network activity - user is active
27/09/2005 22:35:37|Einstein@Home|Pausing result l1_1429.0__1429.3_0.1_T09_S4lB_4 (left in memory)

Switch back...
27/09/2005 22:43:37||Resuming computation and network activity
27/09/2005 22:43:37||request_reschedule_cpus: Resuming activities
27/09/2005 22:43:37|rosetta@home|Started download of rosetta_4.77_windows_intelx86.exe
27/09/2005 22:43:37|rosetta@home|Started download of aa1btn_09_05.200_v1_3.gz
27/09/2005 22:43:37|Einstein@Home|Resuming result l1_1429.0__1429.3_0.1_T09_S4lB_4 using einstein version 4.79
[color=red]27/09/2005 22:43:37|rosetta@home|Unrecoverable error for result 1btn__abrelax_no_cst_08109_0 (WU download error: couldn't get input files:&amp;ltfile_xfer_error&amp;gt  &amp;ltfile_name&amp;gtaa1btn_09_05.200_v1_3.gz&amp;lt/file_name&amp;gt  &amp;lterror_code&amp;gt-200&amp;lt/error_code&amp;gt  &amp;lterror_message&amp;gt&amp;lt/error_message&amp;gt&amp;lt/file_xfer_error&amp;gt)[/color]
27/09/2005 22:44:38|rosetta@home|Sending scheduler request to
27/09/2005 22:44:38|rosetta@home|Requesting 12960 seconds of work, returning 1 results
27/09/2005 22:44:48|rosetta@home|Scheduler request to succeeded
27/09/2005 22:45:54|rosetta@home|Finished download of aa1btn_09_05.200_v1_3.gz

10) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : How Is Rosetta Different Than Folding@home? (Message 570)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by Yin Gang

Although the growth of the project over the last week has been amazing, our efforts to predict protein structures are still limited by total computing power. Does anybody have suggestions on how to recruit more participants?



IMHO, the most important:
1. stable &amp; fast (both the crunching app and the project servers)
2. keep participants aware of what's going on
3. be responsive in community

(By the way, I think Einstein@home is an excellent example for all these)

Also, the less important:
n. pretty graphics
n+1. free certificate of computation, just like the one in SETI@home
11) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : What IS the difference between Predictor@home and Rosetta@home (Message 216)
Posted 20 Sep 2005 by Yin Gang
I got it, thanks, David ;)
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Increased to 512MB as recommended memory requirement (Message 184)
Posted 19 Sep 2005 by Yin Gang
512MB is not necessary (due to the virual memory mechasim of OS), but highly recommended, it can reduce most I/O activities introdued by page faults when physical memory is not enough.
13) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : What IS the difference between Predictor@home and Rosetta@home (Message 174)
Posted 19 Sep 2005 by Yin Gang
Do you have any suggestion to PP@H users like me about how to decide which project to join, since they have some researching contents in common?

Q1. Insist on PP@H or turn to R@H?
Q2. R@H is a non-profit or profit project? I can't find any related explanation on your site.

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