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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Please digitally sign mini-rosetta files (Message 64055)
Posted 15 Nov 2009 by dbk4297

I am having issues with Rosetta and Kaspersky Internet security playing well together.
Each time a new version of mini-rosetta is downloaded, Kaspersky automatically blocks all system access to it. It seems that since the mini-rosetta files do not contain a digital signature KIS see it as an untrusted .exe file.
I can go into KIS settings and approve the use of the new rosetta file, but it might be days before I notice it has been blocked.
I don't know how simple it would be to include the proper digital signature, but I think the effort would be well worth the trouble since KIS is not the only security software that is having the same issue.

Thanks for your time and effort in getting this issue fixed.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Not getting any tasks (Message 62531)
Posted 28 Jul 2009 by dbk4297
I have the same problem, got 0 new task since 2 days ago, What´s happening?

Exactly the same problems listed above. This is the third day with no new tasks.
The R@H status page list everything as hunky-dory.
Does the staff every reply to problems here?


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