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Posted 12 Feb 2009 by Markus
Good morning!

I reinstalled my complete System a few days ago and restarded crunching rosetta@home again. Unfortuanally i got some errors

Here is what i got

12.02.2009 05:37:59|rosetta@home|Restarting task cc_1_3_mamcstmix_cen_0.1_hb_t369__IGNORE_THE_REST_1RXQA_12_6836_46_0 using minirosetta version 154
12.02.2009 05:38:00|rosetta@home|Task cc_1_3_mamcstmix_cen_0.1_hb_t369__IGNORE_THE_REST_1RXQA_12_6836_46_0 exited with zero status but no 'finished' file
12.02.2009 05:38:00|rosetta@home|If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.

Therefore two workunits aborted with compuation error. Maybe just an error for my System, just wanted to post it


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