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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : I would like to see:: (Message 51931)
Posted 13 Mar 2008 by khanson
I would like to see a news area where you would report project problems like server outages with an estimate as to when you expect to be back on line. The server status page is nice, but a little text to explain what is going on would also be helpful. I also read some threads where users asked to know about accomplishments and scientific breakthroughs. This is an excellent suggestion. Keep up the good work!!

2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : amyloid fibril structure prediction (Message 50964)
Posted 25 Jan 2008 by khanson
I am excited to be a part of your research I have a personal interest in your successes. My Father passed away in 1987 from complications due to amyloidosis and I proudly support your efforts. If donating my PCs' computational capacity is a way I can help, then you have what I can give. Time to invest in a new dedicated quad-core box or two.

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