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Posted 6 Oct 2010 by borg
OK, that makes more sense.
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Posted 5 Oct 2010 by borg
Chilean, I believe you are wrong.

The only reason GPUs can't be used with Rosetta is that nobody yet took the effort to write the code. GPUs have sufficient instruction set, faster RAM, and greater computing power than CPUs. Complaints about their single precision architecture are misplaced, as doubles can be processed on any CUDA capable GPU, only it takes more cycles. The "classroom" and "off-road" analogies are too empiric, CPU is not smart, it only does what you tell it to. There is no fixed connection between the complexity of Rosetta and x86/x64 architecture - any task can be programmed to run on any kind of processor if there is enough memory and time.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Minirosetta 1.98 (Message 63769)
Posted 21 Oct 2009 by borg
21.10.2009 9:14:49 rosetta@home Task lr8_A_seq_score12_shake_ss1.7_rlbd_1c8c_IGNORE_THE_REST_DECOY_14949_3992_0 exited with zero status but no 'finished' file
21.10.2009 9:14:49 rosetta@home If this happens repeatedly you may need to reset the project.

This was happening repeatedly. Finally I aborted the task.

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