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Posted 4 Apr 2020 by Profile p3d-cluster
These Odroids have only a single / file system created during install, that automatically enlarges itself to maximum size of the underlying device during first boot.
Hard to squeeze in extra file systems :-)
I'm OK with the current setup, maybe I'll move all N2 BOINC data directories to the NAS NFS. Being lazy, I'm most likely only doing that once the SD or thumb drives fail :-D
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta running on ARM platforms (Message 93434)
Posted 4 Apr 2020 by Profile p3d-cluster
Let's start a conversation about ARM.


I have several Odroid XU4, C2 and 4 x N2 crunching for BOINC.
The N2s with 4GB RAM I attached to Rosetta.

I had only purchased 8GB eMMC for these, which had never been an issue.
Now with Rosetta consuming >500MB for the project directory as well as 862MB per each slot, this wouldn't work for even one WU with the little space that was free.

I put the BOINC data directory on an additional SD card, a USB thumb drive as well as an NFS share served from a NAS. Each works well with 3-4 WUs in parallel so far.
Sometimes they hit the max. memory allowance (95% of 4GB), then only 3 WUs run.
The rest of the cores are crunching the way smaller Tn-Grid WUs, so there are no lost CPU cycles ;-)

I'll also try and use an Odroid C2 with 2GB, maybe it can run 1-2 WUs, lets see...

Thats not going to work on Odroid C2:
Sat 04 Apr 2020 23:59:02 CEST | Rosetta@home | Message from server: Rosetta for Portable Devices needs 1907.35 MB RAM but only 1554.63 MB is available for use.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 92974)
Posted 1 Apr 2020 by Profile p3d-cluster
I had a successful 4.12 Linux on ARM task at Ralph last night on my Odroid N2.
However, just one is enough to almost fill up the tiny eMMC based root file system of 7GB (I was cheap, bigger eMMC are available and supported). The project directory is 506MB, each Rosetta slot is 863MB, its the minirosetta_database consuming 99% of the space there, over and over again, if running multiple WUs.
So a starting WU hammers the SD card for some minutes, even eMMC break out in sweat.

Right now I'm running just one per Odroid N2, I'd need to remove the GUI to free up space or add an SD card for /var/lib/boinc-client but am not eager to do either :-)
SBC booting from SSD or eg. ARM cloud servers will be able to run more work units without problems.

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