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Posted 9 Aug 2020 by Lenciviona
In my case I have a bunch of old to new hardware, even an old Android tablet. I started with just running one project per machine but have changed that over time.

I have a couple of older machines don't have the memory to run Rosetta, so they run just the OPN sub-project at WCG. OPN needs very little memory to run. I had troubles running Rosetta on Android, so it does just OPN now. I've seen some Rosetta tasks go well over 2GB RAM, though I think 1.5 is the listed system requirement.

All the machines that can run Rosetta on, I also now run OPN. I've currently got WCG project resource set at 60% and that seems to give me roughly equal credits as reported on Free-DC Stats. I have to tinker with the resource share from time to time.

I've got two pretty good machines with pretty good GPU's that I run Folding@home on. On those I reserve a couple of threads for F@h (needed for Nvdia GPUs) but I don't run F@h CPU projects. Can't really balance F@h to the other projects. I kind of assume the GPU's are doing more "work" than all my other machines combined, probably by a large factor. I devote the rest of the threads to both Rosetta and OPN.

So I guess my strategy was to look as system requirements and run the highest requirement project they're capable of, and then use the resource share to balance credits between Rosseta and OPN. I've left the 'switch between' setting at default. I've noticed it will put a running task on hold to run something else for awhile, but I've never had a task not complete on time by letting it switch like that.

I'm balancing between WCG(OPN) and Rosetta based on the BOINC credit system which I think that is supposed to balance comparable work loads. I don't think BOINC let's you pick a number of threads on one machine to devote to a project. So if you want to allocate a certain number of threads/machines to a particular project, then just set those machines to only have the one project you want. I kind of started that way, with some machines Rosetta only, the least machines WCG only, and the best machines fully Folding@home (with all threads doing F@h work).

I don't know much about the science of these projects. If you did, you might want to focus on particular projects. I think all have value so I'm spreading my resources. But there are interesting things like Folding@home weekly sprints designed to model/test anitviral compounds for treatment. I think that is mostly a GPU only project.

Anyway, sounds like you have enough machines you can set this up however you want, though it does get more complicated if you're trying to manage and/or balance more than one project.

Happy crunching!

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