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1) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : A Hearty THANK YOU to all of the Rosetta@home contributors. (Message 97340)
Posted 12 Jun 2020 by bunnybooboo
Thanks so much for this detailed post.

Some of the points you raise I'm a little unclear on however:

I wanted to point out that the entire project is not for profit

Might this be transparently expressed somewhere? Reading the about page I see these same words used. Is there proofs towards non-profit status registration? Policies?

they are committed to making their results available to everyone

Unfortunately this is a little to vague for my mind. I pose more direct questions about this HERE. What precisely is this "commitment" you speak of? I see it as an obvious step towards Open Science but fear without clear commitment and transparency it could unintentionally be perceived as open washing. I can't locate information regarding such a commitment in documentation from the Institute for Protein Design or Baker Lab websites either. Sorry if I'm missing it somewhere.
2) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Open Access and Ethics question (Message 97339)
Posted 12 Jun 2020 by bunnybooboo
For a number of months now I've been crunching away successfully, as a newcomer via the COVID-19 work. As time has gone on I've delved further into understanding the wider direction of the project thanks to mostly to these message boards and several news articles.

I have noticed though most recent articles from Dr David Baker appeared in paywalled journals. When attempting to understand what specific science my crunching is helping I'm left to decipher near cryptic naming conventions of the work units. And other stumbling blocks towards my exploration and engagement with the science.

Does Rosetta@home have a policy surrounding the use of such a public voluntary platform to prioritise Open Access science projects and their publication? Has a stance historically been made? Is there scope to bring about regular readdressing of the topic if so?

Is there a way for volunteers to identify which WU's are helping which specific scientific research? A list of recently running research? Initiatives for voluntary crunchers (and potentially the wider public) to more expansively engage with the science? An FAQ on the WU naming conventions?

Does Rosetta@home have an Ethics Policy? Are there no go areas in terms of the types of research the project will emphatically not get involved in?

For now things appear a little opaque to me, but I suspect this could be down to my relatively new take on the project. Or is it by design?
3) Message boards : News : Switch to using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (Message 97322)
Posted 10 Jun 2020 by bunnybooboo
Sid, I'm also on Android 9 and have tweaked my setting above the defaults described here in that post you linked to. Reflects how I had it set and fully operational under v7.4.53 before this security certificate issue.

In relation to the FAQ's I'm not entirely certain that issue regarding BOINC running in the background is still relevant. At least using v7.16.3 under Android 9 (V30b-234-30), when navigating to Settings >> General >> Apps & Notifications >> App info >> BOINC >> Data usage - it appears that "Background data" is by default toggled ON. As I've been unable to attach to Rosetta in a refreshed v7.4.53 I can't ascertain if this is change in those BOINC version jumps. If so, then the FAQ's will need updating to reflect this improvement on Play Store version jump.

EDIT: Using the settings changes I mention I previously have been able to use BOINC throughout the day and night, running in the background, rarely causing issues with other apps like YouTube, and utilising the battery instead of only when attached to a charger. Will update if I observe problems.
4) Questions and Answers : Android : Android: stuck waitiing for download (Message 97319)
Posted 10 Jun 2020 by bunnybooboo
That version (the same one currently on Google Play Store) seems affected by the recent security certificate issues. There are several threads of conversations here in the message boards affecting folks across most platforms. Some have resolved, but that particular version for Android is, by all accounts, currently not resolved.

Among a number of devices, I too am using an Android 9 phone. I've added info over in Github and devs are on the case to a fix, but from my understanding that work is going towards stablisation of more recent versions than v7.4.53.

Some have suggested using those more recent versions, but there is obvious hestitation among some users to download a non Play Store apk, or perhaps even because of BOINC flagging newer versions as potentially unstable, DEV, or even "broken". Nobody of course wishes for any valuable WU data to be corrupted by such instabilities. This decision is one of trusting the devs outside of the Play Store environment and of a highly individual scope and user scenarios. I can appreciate both sides of the argument. Not rushing decisions regarding security are surely a healthy thing?

If you wish to remain using the the offical Play Store version you will have to exercise a little patience until devs fully resolve the matter.

I would additionally contribute that I am now experimenting with v7.16.3 on an LG G6 (LG-H870). Unlike the version you currently have, it is attaching to Rosetta, has downloaded tasks, and is currently crunching away with WU's defined by my prefs adjustments to the default:

    Deselected "Pause computation when screen is on"
    "Power sources for computation" Selected "Battery"
    "Used CPU cores" selected "3" (The device has 4)
    "Pause CPU usage above" selected "70%"
    "RAM limit" selected "60%"

Time will tell how the upload goes, but at least one user on earlier Android versions report it's all OK.

5) Questions and Answers : Android : Android: stuck waitiing for download (Message 97316)
Posted 10 Jun 2020 by bunnybooboo
Which version of BOINC on Android are you using?
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (Message 97281)
Posted 8 Jun 2020 by bunnybooboo
Not yet. Work is progressing over in Github though, particularly in relation to this security certificate issue. Based on those linked conversations (and pending pull requests) It looks likely we'll see a bump to 7.4+, at least on Android.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (Message 96910)
Posted 30 May 2020 by bunnybooboo
Presumably this will rectify after midnight in each user's timezone? In Android 9 (Pie) the following DID NOT WORK:

1) Settings >> General >> Lock screen & security >> Advanced / Encryption & credentials >> Trusted credentials
2) Select AddTrust AB (AddTrust External CA Root)
3) Note that this cert expires 30 May 2020
4) Press DISABLE
5) Restart device
6) Restart BOINC

At least for me this does not rectify the uploads hanging. There is a RESET option when selecting the Rosetta@home project in the Android app, but I'm reluctant to select this as I could lose the work I'm attempting to upload. Setting the time/date to tomorrow (E.g. selecting timezone for Sydney) also did not resolve.
8) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Project communication failed (Message 96893)
Posted 30 May 2020 by bunnybooboo
Issue already raised in Github:

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