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1) Message boards : News : Outage notice (Message 96946)
Posted 31 May 2020 by Boiler Paul
Not working for me. Sorry, I'm not a programmer, and I will move on to another group that needs help with research. thanks I did my best.

If the people who run this project can't fix these issues soon, then I'm done too. I also tried some of the fixes, but I'm no computer geek type so....whatever I'll wait a few days to see if it gets fixed and I can upload completed WU and download new WU
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems and Technical Issues with Rosetta@home (Message 96008)
Posted 4 May 2020 by Boiler Paul
Seems to be a problem with the web site/database when checking out Tasks.

When i go to my Account, i can click on View next to Tasks to see all of my Tasks.
But if go to click on Valid or Error etc all i get is
Already logged in
You are logged in as Grant (SSSF) . Log out

and the url is
For some reason it's pulling up the login form.

If on my account page i click on View for Computers on this account, then Tasks for each of the computers i can then see the Valids, Errors etc. However at the top right corner my name is replaced with "Sign Up" and next to it Log out is replaced with Login.

happening to me too. I logged out and logged back change. Even cleared out cookies and change.
3) Message boards : News : Switch to using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (Message 95689)
Posted 1 May 2020 by Boiler Paul
4) Message boards : News : Switch to using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (Message 95685)
Posted 1 May 2020 by Boiler Paul
We updated our project to use SSL. The project URL has thus been changed to You can reattach the project using this updated URL at your convenience. Please post any issues regarding this update in the discussion thread.

Does detaching then reattaching change the URL? If not how is one to do this? For the non computer geek type people.

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