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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : What is AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi in the boinc rosetta project area and why is it there? (Message 103090)
Posted 2 Nov 2021 by Ghost Rider 51
I have been using boinc for a long time, and recently (for several months) Rosetta. The whole time using Linux.

I have noted that rosetta seems to use an enormous amount of space.
I previously had boinc allowed 5 GB space, then when I added rosetta I upped that to 10 GB. Rosetta then claimed it needed additional space so I upped that to 15 GB, and even had to increase that to 20 GB. Later, when rosetta claimed it needed an additional 11 GB I decided that was enough and started searching for why rosetta claims it needs that much space.

After finding that rosetta has a virtual disk image (AIMNet_vm_v2.vdi) in its project directory that showed as more than 12 GB in size (and was still asking for 11 GB more space) I did a project reset which halted the space complaints (at least for now) but still leaves me with the same vdi file only it is now just over 7 GB in size.

My issue is this.
1. I have been running boinc for years with only 5 GB allocated space and never had an issue in spite of running 4 projects simultaneously.
2. Adding rosetta forced me to allow more than 20 GB space for boinc.
3. I am not using a virtual machine for boinc nor any of its projects, so why does rosetta create the .vdi file and need that much space to store it.
4. I have another machine with VMs running under KVM/QEMU and none of them require more than 20 GB space for the entire OS and tasks being run. It seems totally unbelievable that a boinc project could require that much space (inside a .vdi virtual disk) to do its work.

Can someone please explain the rosetta need for this much space ( almost 10 X more than all my other projects combined). I am currently running WCG, PrimeGrid, and QuChemPedIA and all combined use less than 1 GB disk space while rosetta currently uses more than 9 GB (7+ GB within the .vdi file).

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