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1) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Starting program -- Not processing (Message 101098)
Posted 6 Apr 2021 by genedoug
I was processing, with around 84,000 "points" behind me. I got a message saying I had two accounts, and both were processing at once, and that I had to delete Rosetta@Home.
I did that, and then a message said I have zero accounts and processing was suspended. I added Rosetta@home, and now I have a note saying processing suspended.
How do I get it started working? I don't know if I can find this message board easily, but my email address is . Gene Douglas
2) Message boards : News : Switch to using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) (Message 101064)
Posted 4 Apr 2021 by genedoug
I am told I am running two programs at once, and that I have to get rid of rosetta@home. I don't know how to do that, and have wandered all over the website trying to find a way. E. E. Douglas,

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