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1) Questions and Answers : Android : No task for android via GRCPool (Message 87618)
Posted 4 Nov 2017 by Yurii
Hi, could You please help me with my issue?

I am working with boinc maybe one month and half... mostly via android phone.

At first alone. Then via grcpool.

Before this time Rozetta was my favorite project and most of my calculation resources I put on rozetta.

But in this and previous week I can not work on rozetta tasks, because there is no tasks for android.

In same time time to time I get huge tasks on my 2 laptops. But no task for android smartphone in last 2 weeks.

It's if we talking about work via grcpool.

If talking about work directly (via this account) - I have another smarphone that also is working for Rozetta.

It get time to time several tasks. But most of time it does not make calculation, because there is nothing to calculate.

Does anybody know why we have tasks on PC/laptops, but no task for android and how to resolve it?

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